Handmade Update #2 - August

My, what a busy summer that was! So busy, I seem to have lacked in showing you guys what I've made but never fear, the Handmade Update is here! After recently taking up meditating (it' amazing for stress!) And I thought could I take my Jewellery Making to a new high? 

I made the 8" necklace to go with some of my clothes which are boardline retro/hippie/tomboy and that would also look 'student~y' for College/Uni.                              I make Jewellery to show wearable art is just as important as a painting on a wall. People say Jewellery is for girls, no it's unisex.                                                                                    If you met me, you should understand I hate anything with diamond, It's tacky.                                                                                            The Crystal is a Purple Agate. It's common but very beautiful I'm sure you'll agree. The necklace also has a gold leaf charm ( I do actually have real gold charms where a leaf has been pressed.) and it features a locket.                                                                                    I'm planning to sell these sort of necklaces (when I've set up my etsy account) and also I'm looking to do a stall over christmas. I'll be putting an events page up soon!