Resin Workshop - Review By Lucy Wakefield

On Saturday 29th of April and Saturday 3rd of May, I attended two Resin workshops at The Bead Shop on Market Street, Nottingham.

The two workshops were held in a small room above the shop, which accommodated a group of four people. During the sessions we were taught how to use the chemical safely such as using the right measurements, how to colour the Resin using (an optional choice) of embossing powder, eye shadows or glitter and creating the charms for Jewellery purposes.

The artforms that was used during the workshops was Jewellery Making.
I chose to attend this event on the basis of learning something new in Jewellery Making and as a part of my research for my Art challenge.

I particularly liked pouring the resin and placing the charms into the silicon moulds. I also really enjoyed seeing how the end product came out! 

There wasn’t really any stage of the workshops I didn’t enjoy because since this was a new form of Jewellery Making, I felt it not only challenged me but also allowed me to further my skills in something completely different.

I would definitely recommend these workshops in future to mature young people who enjoy approaching new artforms (and don’t mind getting their hands sticky during the process too!)

During the experience of the workshops I learnt that there are endless possibilities to designing new pieces of art using different materials alongside the Resin such as old clock parts, polymer clay and even natural items e.g. daisies

- Lucy Wakefield