Shopping Haul #2 - Aug

I reliase I've lacked in 'Shopping Haul's' recently but I've been concentrating on quailfications, career paths and much more. So without futher ado (of this extremely short post!) More shopping hauls will done, I promise. 

My first buy is 'Company' magazine, I love it for it's samples, great articles, fashion tips & the articles.                                                                                        The September Issue of 'Company' magazine (which costs £2.60) features an interview with 17 year old actress, Chloe Grace Moretz. She talks about her fashion style, the recent movie UK release of 'If I Stay' which is also the first film she'll get to watch at the premier.                                                                                                                                                The article of 'BLOGGERS STYLE THE HIGH STREET' is a great read, it features a 16 year old student who tells about her retro fashion style.                                                                                          The magazine also comes with a felt thin tip eyeliner, It's a great quailty and feels simalar to a boots Natural collection.  
I also bought two Arctic Monkeys albums from Thats Entertainment in INTU Broadmarsh, Nottingham.  I've been a fan for quite a few years but I'm one of those people who saves up & still complains they can't afford anything! But I finally saved up for them!                                                                                                                                                                                                Arctic Monkey: Favourite Worst Nightmare was £2.99                                                                                     And Arctic Monkey: AM was £5.99                                                                                                                 Both albums can be bought via the Thats Entertainment website or if you're like me & don't really trust internet shopping then you can find a shop near you...(Sorry, that probably sounds like I'm spoon feeding my readers and I know that probably sucks, big time.                                                 
                                                                           My third lovely item is The Killers: HOT FUSS album. I've been looking for this album for months! I bought it from an awesome multi-fandom shop in Bridlington, North Yorkshire. I've been meaning to visit for years because they sell 70s & 90s arcade classics for the GameBoy (I am major gamer girl.) Back to the album subject, it features the brilliant 'Mr. Brightside'.          

                               ~SAMPLE HAUL~                               
And my last item is some lovely samples for Garnier (thank you!!) & a sample of Maybelline's new product, Baby Skin.                                                                                                                                     The Garnier samples are lovely tailor-made style moisturisers for different skin conditions. The do a range for Dry Skin to Normal, Spotty to Oily.              I look forward to reviewing in the week!                                                                                                       My next lovely sample is from Maybellien collection of 'Baby', its an instant pore eraser (definitely something every girl wants in there bag.) I am also looking forward to testing & reviewing  this in the week as well.  
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