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Life At The Moment... - #1

Blooming heck, has it really been over a month since I posted? Dear me, sorry everyone!

So welcome to my new post called 'Life At The Moment', such an imaginative name(!)

Since becoming a college student it's been rather busy, actually I don't think busy is even the right word. The work is great, not too much or complicated but enough that challenges my skills already. I've made some new friends & tread on the path of people who I wish I hadn't met but still have yet to shake their hand & thank them. What I'm trying to say is, people who I met in the past (and really wish I hadn't) were the ones that got myself to open new doors to some amazing things hence why I want to shake their hand.

I'm a Student Rep for my class at Level 1 Art & Design which I feel has given me an extra boost to act mature and be professional.

Recently I turned 18, the age that says you're legal to drink... I think I'll just stick to water thanks!
My teen…