But Summer Only Just Began | August 2016

Summer has done it's usual and sped through till it's almost time to return to our daily lives.

I feel completely enticed about September because of my training but also rather apprehensive. Also I am extremely apprehensive about that dreaded sheet of paper telling me whether I'm able to be comprehensively correct. Basically IGCSE result day. And I'm stressing about actually getting a 'C' or otherwise I'll have another year telling me to retake.

 But my recent annual trip to Yorkshire contributed to a well earnt rest - From July 31st to August 6th, I had my first proper 'relaxing' retreat in over a year and my goodness, it was tremendous. Over the past year, it's been a wonderful roller coaster filled with auditions, productions and exams.

This holiday gave me the chance to have time with my family, because from all the time I've had at rehearsals, shows and ect. I've not had a lot of time to properly have 'catch up time'. I can end up being out the house from 8am till Midnight sometimes depending on the production.

Because I'm a complete photography geek, I ended up taking tons of polaroid shots, so I had something to keep with me - this one is my favourite, my sister on the beach - the sky was stunning, a lilac colour casting over the sea.

The positives to the week away on the coast was exploring nooks and cranny's in little town's. In all the years of visiting Yorkshire, I can't believe I missed some little gems! One a very sweet coffee shop, called The Sea Strand which was situated on one of the coastal cliff tram lines.
After the short pit stop, the exploration continued to the beautiful Victorian tea dance hall - also another cheeky excuse for aesthetically pleasing polaroid.


The last full day was spent at possibly one of my favourite venues in Yorkshire, Sewerby Hall & Gardens. Last year I came to see a performance called 'Pass The Porter' inside the Hall. At the time there was also filming happening in the Old Town for Dad's Army, but somehow we still managed to walk around the set later in the week when they were in another location.

Sadly Sewerby became a drenching day out - my shoes for one became a victim ( nearly a month later they are still somewhat 'damp'. *sigh*

But soon it became a little dramatic at one point when a young penguin, called Flip Flop became distressed and having problems getting a hold of it's breath, collapsed in the enclosure and had to alert the staff of the venue without distress/

As someone who has quite a few friends in Animal Care, they've made be aware of signs of distress in animals. Also how to recognise a heart attack for dogs and how to help them.

The night before the six - hour long journey on the trains we decided have our last supper at the harbour. Although I didn't have much as the seagulls ganged up on me and at my chips. Feisty buggers.

Now safely returned to Nottingham, I'm preparing to pick up my first IGCSE in English, also for some exciting auditions and commence my two year training.

Also in my spare time I've become somewhat addicted to League Of Gentlemen, but you didn't need to know that...