Fall To Rise | August 2016

Suppose it's going to be one of those days where I'm seriously going to have 'Fall to Rise'.

Sadly received not the most anticipated news. After a five retakes of my Maths. I failed. For the sixth attempt. Cue *melting face noises*.
Yes I cried. What else do you do. I mourned like I was burying a dead dog. Or a granny who dropped a stitch in her knitting. Or a employer at a desk who dropped their favourite biscuit in a tea. Or...Well you get the idea.

How can someone consider that they failed a GCSE Equivalent to A*-C in Maths but succeed and excel expectations with a Distinction in Level 3 Diploma in Fine Art. It just doesn't add up.

Suppose I should focus all the hope on my English and hope I've achieved at least a 'C' in my GCSE. If I haven't, I will be eating m'body mass in bloody crackers and drinking a bottle of white wine.

And whilst I'm in the middle of writting this post, I've just had to clobber a spider with my very best pair of heels. Their is a literally a shoe print on the ceiling, god know's how I'm going to explain that to Mum... I'll come up with some funky story and then say "Well actually what happened was this creepy ass spider dude freaked me out and kill it in style whilst humming Ghostbusters theme tune." Knew there was a somewhat good use for those over sized Primark heels!

Today my youngest Sister turned 17. I am literally speechless because watching here teenage years has been actually amazing but also ageing because in 31 days, I wave goodbye to mine.

Sorry if this post has been so, jolted and unexciting. But I promise this Phoniex will rise - and yes I did quote a song from 2015's Eurovision because I'm sad like that.