The Long Awaited Return | Summer 2016

As you'll have noticed, I haven't posted in such a while however I've decided to return because there has been some very exciting happenings. Also you might have noticed that my blog title has changed from 'That's A Teen's Life' to 'The Cheerful Notes'. You're probably thinking as to why, well 'That's A Teen's Life' followed my last years as young person leaving Home Education and going to college, at the time it was an exciting moment.

In the past two years it's been an adventure; I've made lifelong friends, passed my BTEC Level 1 in Art & Design, passed my Gold Arts Award (AS Level Equivalent) and then got a conditional offer to study a UAL Level 3 Diploma in Fine Art which I recently left with Distinction (I really don't know how though). But... But? Whilst I studied Art for two years looking at the creative side of Backstage the Performing Arts industry, I made a turn around decision which was a somewhat 'dramatic'.

Whilst I was studying, I was taking auditions, performing a lot more than I was used to and really, insanely loving it. I had gone from three shows to a year to an extravagant leap to around six or more. But my realisation became clear when a person said to me midway during my introduction of an audition 'And what's a Fine Art student applying here?'. My heart sunk, my introduction with this person was over, my confidence sunk like the flipping titanic.

Although that audition didn't go well my next one did, from the age of sixteen I dreamed of trying out for a local performing art course. I always went back to art, like a bear to a cave, out of shyness.
But I turned it around, I knew this was my passion and I knew I could turn this into a positive.

Because although this person 'burst my bubble', I took the plunge and applied for two year training program. I remember embarrassingly kissing the letter as I slipped it into the letter box and saying 'Break a leg', watching the postman empty the letter box and drive off. For the next month I worked hard, auditioned and did okay, Well a little better than okay. I got a place on Musical Theatre course.
My heart raced, I've been watching these months move slowly by waiting for September.

As you can tell some very exciting happenings! But they are only going to get a little bit better!