Creative Cat Lady | Autumn 2016

As I'm sat finally chillaxing in a respectable in a pair of cat covered socks - not literally covered in cat's bodies or the hair which always seems to finds itself in the strangest of places - your tea, your black coat or that really nice chocolate cake you were just about to tuck into, I'm not THAT yet of crazy cat lady (secretly I really, really wish I was).

Today I finally enrolled, literally I walked out the doors thinking finally amended my sixteen year old regrets of not trying for performing arts training and today I am finally *squeals far too excitedly*, I am a Musical Theatre student and going to be training for the next two years.

Although I had enough tariff points to try for Art School, I decided against it. Art is one of my passions but studying it nearly killed my inspiration & love for it. A Distinction in Fine Art will do, but it's something I can fall back on, my little safety net. The face of people as I say "Oh I've finished Fine Art studies and about to do Performing Arts training" followed by the raised lip looking like a fart face unable to grasp as to link the two art forms together and having to explain how I enjoy both the creative backstage industry as well as the onstage as well.

In my first year of Fine Art, the University Art of London (didn't study in London, it was a UAL with my college but you know it makes it sound better.), it allowed individuals to cater to their interests, so I specialised in backstage; Puppetry, Set Design, Scenic Painting, Costume (both design and making with no pattern).

*this is when I ponder over why blogspot has underlined everything in red - BlogSpot I know my grammar isn't to the highest of standards but you don't need to make such a big deal of it!!*

A few times over the year I would make the mad dash to grab food and then assit at the local theatres (Nottingham Arts & Lace Market). In a couple of productions it somewhat proved to be although rather fun and okay for the occaionsal volunteering and hobby side, but it really was something I couldn't face doing as a career.

Acting & Art are two art forms I've been serious about since the age of twelve but joining them both together becomes the difficult aspect but hoping to one day actually tackle the challenge.

But for the moment, I'll train, add a bit of glitter on the side and hope that I can find my feet one day.

By the way, thank you for reading probably the most badly written post of my mumbling nonsense, much appreciated.

Cheerio. x