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Madness Musical Update | #1

Firstly Happy Halloween ~ let the spook-tacular madness commence. Today is the first day back term and believe it was musical monster madness - we had to present a 'mini' musical theatre showcase to the college to raise money for our end of year musical. In my 'positive blonde' attitude it went okay, not to a 'thriller' standard but alright for amateur youth theatre but we'll gradually improve as a cast I believe near Christmas.
But my absolute happiness moment is that I've only begun GCSE Maths - as you might have noticed in my past posts of utter distraught and anguish I failed Functional Skills Mathematics for the ninth time. Which was exceptionally embarrassing for anyone who has aspiration to go into higher education in two years. So two panic attacks later, a bit of persuading and I've managed to be enrolled on GCSE Mathematics. Last year in utter concentration to achieve a respectable grade in my IGCSE English and UAL Level 3 Fine Art, I co…

Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good! | Life As a Musical Theatre Student | #2

Firstly, you're probably wondering what is with the extremely weird title? Well for any Ghostbusters fans, the 1984 song recorded by Ray Parker Jr, not the 2016 version which let's be fair, Fall Out Boy completely ruined. Our group has kind of 'adopted' the quote:
The first term is completed, right now I am currently wrapped in a blanket surrounded by tissues, paracetamol  packets and many lovely warm chai teas to get through this very bizarre (yearly) cold.
If you have ever watched 'The League Of Gentlemen' my voice has been similar to 'Papa Lazaroo'.

Each week has been astoundingly fun; preparing for the Halloween Showcase; which is includes 'Thriller', 'Ghostbusters' and tap dancing to 'The Monster Mash'. The classes, the dancing - each day is never the same which is what I love, the variety. But the aspect that makes each week brilliant is t…

Bring Me Sunshine | Life as a Musical Theatre Student | #1

Studying and training in Musical Theatre is an absolute dream at the moment, I may be a bit left footed when it comes to Jazz, but even when something doesn't go right we give it the jazz hands.

The students are lovely and so talented, it feels weird to be the eldest and occasionally having to (literally) catch up! During my Fine Art studies I was sort of the 'middle aged' student, but the eldest was 47 years old.

To catch up, what's been happening this past month?
I had the opportunity to participate in Lucy Suggate's 'Swarm Sculptures' at Nottingham Contemporary and rehearse in the amazing new Dance4 studio in September.

I also had the fantastic opportunity to go to my first premiere of 'Hood' in Nottingham for a pilot episode for the TV series starring, local singer/songwriter Josh Kemp and a fellow friends and actors, Adam Guest and Mik Horvath.
It was so wonderful getting to finally catch up with them and would like to personally thank them …

Musical Maddnes

'Thank you for the Music' the song that helped me get a place on my dream course, the comforting tune which got me through the audition and calmed my anxiety - also the character of a dream role I really wish to play one day.

From the age of six years old, an early evening in July 2003, I remember standing on stage - some of the children were waving really drastically to the parents, I stood there and loved it. I don't think there wasn't a moment where I didn't put my smile down and my passion for drama really began.

I'm now twenty and started performing professionally in 2008, but it wasn't until this year I actually gained the courage to apply for the training.

So I'd like to welcome you to my little musical madness, The Cheerful Notes, you'll be following every tap stepping and sassy jazz hands!

Currently we're into the third week, so far I'm adoring every single second, okay the coursework side is somewhat dull, but it's not that …