Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good! | Life As a Musical Theatre Student | #2

Firstly, you're probably wondering what is with the extremely weird title? Well for any Ghostbusters fans, the 1984 song recorded by Ray Parker Jr, not the 2016 version which let's be fair, Fall Out Boy completely ruined. Our group has kind of 'adopted' the quote:


- GHOSTBUSTERS (1984), Ray Parker Jr. 

The first term is completed, right now I am currently wrapped in a blanket surrounded by tissues, paracetamol  packets and many lovely warm chai teas to get through this very bizarre (yearly) cold.
If you have ever watched 'The League Of Gentlemen' my voice has been similar to 'Papa Lazaroo'.

Each week has been astoundingly fun; preparing for the Halloween Showcase; which is includes 'Thriller', 'Ghostbusters' and tap dancing to 'The Monster Mash'. The classes, the dancing - each day is never the same which is what I love, the variety. But the aspect that makes each week brilliant is the 'squad', our little group - cue the hilarious photos we'll most likely look back on and cry with laughter over a glass of wine:

 Personally adore this one, although the quality of the image isn't to the grandest standard - Ben (below) and clearly in his element just makes this image!

But I had to honestly save the           V E R Y  best till last, Ben & Shelby, purely being, well, themselves really! (see below)

You can follow Ben's musical theatre journey too on his blog - That Musical Theatre Kid. Go on, give it a read!