Madness Musical Update | #1

Firstly Happy Halloween ~ let the spook-tacular madness commence. Today is the first day back term and believe it was musical monster madness - we had to present a 'mini' musical theatre showcase to the college to raise money for our end of year musical. In my 'positive blonde' attitude it went okay, not to a 'thriller' standard but alright for amateur youth theatre but we'll gradually improve as a cast I believe near Christmas.

But my absolute happiness moment is that I've only begun GCSE Maths - as you might have noticed in my past posts of utter distraught and anguish I failed Functional Skills Mathematics for the ninth time. Which was exceptionally embarrassing for anyone who has aspiration to go into higher education in two years. So two panic attacks later, a bit of persuading and I've managed to be enrolled on GCSE Mathematics. Last year in utter concentration to achieve a respectable grade in my IGCSE English and UAL Level 3 Fine Art, I completely felt unprepared for Maths.
Each lesson was like being contained within a zoo - people shouting, being told I was wrong and not corrected, unable to understand and my confidence stooped massively.

Because of my previous education, since I was used to 1 - 1 classes with my mum as my teacher, there were limited distractions and noises. Every session was a head dragging mess and told 'you will pass', not the encouragement type but more like added pressure where you come out of class and about sob from all the added stress which let's face it, nobody wants. So at the moment I am really thrilled to have managed to have persuaded my teachers to help me to get on to the course and try and achieve the grades I need to try for Drama School or University. This morning, I bizarrely found the GCSE Maths Foundation so unbelievably easier as opposed to Functional Skills - it's more straight forward and you don't get asked to answer the silly worded and complicated questions like, 'Abby needs to find a certain formula to bake a cake' which undoubtedly makes you want to put a simple answer like 'Well Abby should go buy a cake from a shop instead' and with a huff, placing a bold comma and continuing to finish it with ' the rest of us.'