Life as a Musical Theatre Student | Excitement & Celebration | #4

Apologises the forth edition of 'Life As A Musical Theatre Student' is one week overdue but luckily I have some very lovely things to report.

We'll start with last week's lovely surprise, after a uploading my previous cover of 'On My Own' a very nervous singing audition tape and kissing it away to the company via email, I am thrilled to announce I've been very fortunate to get a place with Creatio Art's Youth Company!

Second lovely bit of news? Yesterday whilst moaning over the gruelling 1000 word journal entry for acting, which seems to never end when it come to evaluating personal targets. After checking my word count, I was reaching the point of 'eff this I need a tea' stage.

I heard a very loud ping on my emails, thinking perhaps it was either regarding a casting call, but it was by far better. I squealed next to my mum, "NO WAY." I sat there in utter complete amazement.
I won two tickets to see one the actor's who I have admired greatly over the creation of 'The League Of Gentlemen', 'Psychoville' and 'Inside No.9', Reece Shearsmith. I ran to the one person who shares the same love for dark comedy, my younger sister, Jeeves. Both our eyes glittered, "Will you come with me to see The Dresser in London?" and of course you can guess her answer.

I thought I wouldn't get the opportunity to go back to London, not till the drama school auditions. Since the production has opened, followed it's progress, crossing my fingers for it to tour.
But also I have something to celebrate all the little things I haven't had time to celebrate:
  • (SEPT) - 20th Birthday - also my 19th and 18th
  • (SEPT) - Filming my first named role in a TV series
  • (AUG)  - A in my first ever GCSE
  • (JULY) - Recovering from a head injury
  • (JULY) - Getting the role in 'A Tale of Two Cities'
  • (JULY) - Distinction in UAL Level 3 Fine Art
  • (JUNE) - Getting training for performing arts
  • (JAN)    - And being lucky in January this year, for a certain scare.
That's just some of the little things, so feel very appreciative to have won those tickets, huge thank you to the wonderful The Velvet Onion (been an reader of there site since watching The Mighty Boosh!). Because it really does make up for the little things.