Life as a Musical Theatre Student Special | A Tale Of Two Cities |

You may have noticed in previous weeks, the very delay in posting covers, vlog's and also posting updates! The past two weeks in November have been immersive and utterly incredible.

💖 THURSDAY & FRIDAY ( 17th & 18th )
The rehearsal day had arrived, since finding out my audition was successful in the summer, I had been eagerly counting the days down.

On Thursday (17th) the ensemble also know as the Two Cities Twelves, introduced each other  - luckily I already knew some of the cast ( Mike Newbold, Marcus Whybrow, Michelle Smith and Alice Gee) from previous productions and also as friends but I was certainly thrilled to meet and perform with more like mind and lovely local actors and actresses.
We commenced rehearsing on some of the scenes including 'The Hanging' - which reminded me strangely of my FMP (Fine Art - Final Major Project) earlier this Summer after creating my two five foot puppets.

On Friday we commenced rehearsing the next scenes including my personal favourite, 'The Chateau' which involves Marquis being stabbed and the Mob charging through a broken window with Defarge (played by Harry Attwell), Madam Defarge (played by Noa Bodner) and Citzen. And 'nicking' anything in sight and claiming as a trophy. My role was to grasp the table cloth and run across the front of the stage billowing the sheet over Marquis & another gentlemen murdered by the Peasant Farther (who, consequently get's hung - bit nasty). The impact is impressive, the scene is thrilling with more than 15 people including the ensemble onstage dashing about and ransacking a villa.

💖 MONDAY (21st) 💖
Costume fitting & 'Get In' - Personally my favourite part of the performance's. After being caught in two down pours, I excitedly opened the stage door, and went down to Dressing Room 13. It was like picking up a key for a Butlins Caravan, but better.
The dressing room was beautiful, BIG and plenty of floor space - which was perfect as each night I'd be arriving early from dance training and needed space to quickly rehearse some steps.

In the evening, we went over some of the scenes including previous scenes we went through at College Street Arts Centre as well as some new one's including: The Wine Shop - basically Ernest Defarge and Madam Therese Defarge have a little 'domestic' in their little shop and Madam is determined to have justice however (Ernest) Derfarge believes justice has been made after Darnay is sentenced to death by The Guillotine (Sentenced in Scene 15 - The Second Trial).

The ensemble's job in the The Wine Shop is to move certain furniture to the cue of 'Never say die Jerry, never say die...' Like the other eight ensemble/actors, we have to grab a chair by the top half, so the back is to our chest - I really thank my teenage years moving my bedroom furniture over the years to build strength!
I didn't reliase until last year
I actually share my Birthday (25th September) 
with the Theatre Royal & Concert Hall.

💖 Tuesday to Saturday (22nd to 26th) 💖

Opening performance tonight, strangely not at all nervous about the actually show just very excited to perform in a new theatre and since a young age, watching actors from the Dressing Circle with my family and being captivated sat in my best dress and dreaming of standing on that same stage. I have had a passion for acting since a really young age and in the past few years I have had some incredible opportunities but this one, to date has to be my favourite.

Credit to Nick Evison for the photograph via his Twitter.
Go give the cracking chap a follow - @NickEvison

After the successful Wednesday Matinee revolution, the twelves headed out to the city centre for an unbelievably cute coffee date.

From Left to Right  - Alice, Mike, Estelle, Nick, Shelia, Michelle (a fellow Lace Market Theatre goer), Lynn, moi (the youngest one!), Adam, behind Adam the lovely Jamie and lastly the very funny Ivan. We're all planning to meet up over the coming months to also stay in touch.  As I type this a week later after performing with these amazing people, I must say I miss them all dearly and really hope I get to perform with Touring Consortium Theatre Company again as ensemble.

You're probably wondering, the costumes look really pretty and light, prepare yourselves m'ducks - this beautiful little number consisted of two layers.

The females costumes consisted of the following:

  • Firstly a light blue nighty and white - slightly discoloured - knee high socks (each night I'd lay them on the heater because from dance training in the early afternoon, I'd be exceptionally achy and the socks were the last to go on - a little warm hug around you're feet. HEAVEN!) 
  • Next on, the corset - soon after a couple of shows I could pretty much be in it and lace on my own in around 5 to 10 mintues. 
  • DO THE BUSTLE! Quick tie on bustle (think stuffed crescent moon) - Touché!   
  • The Pretty Petticoat. A quite weighty ruffled  petticoat - mine was a pretty emerald colour. It sat above the bustle and clipped around the side. An additional plain lilac skirt went over top and also clipped aside.   
  • The fifth item a lovely and slightly baggy brown jacket.
  • On top of my jacket I had an optional white laced scarf which was a simple 'Tie & Go'.
  • To complete, pair of low black heels - the laces were red ribbons.
In scene 10 (The Statue) and onwards, each revolutionary ensemble member wore a ribbon, sash or rosette.

To finish this with the sweetest last show, On the 26th November 2016 - during the second act, actor, Sean Murray (who plays Gabelle), I notice for second he has a white face and painted lips suddenly before going on stage he kisses me on the cheek! 

I wish to thank Touring Consortium Theatre Company for allowing me to be a part of this incredible production. Each night (and matinee), standing on the Theatre Royal Nottingham stage to take a bow was the most unforgettable moment. Everyone was a dream to work with & certainly hope to work with the company again!

Photo credit to Alice Gee
You can follow the delightful Alice on IG & Twitter at @AliceEmilyGee