Life as a Musical Theatre Student #5 | 💫 Wonderful Casual Chaos 💫

Firstly I need to apologise for the MAHOOSIVE gap in my post's, I've been super duper busy - so hopefully you'll enjoy this post as I explain my adventures these couple of months, are you ready?

💙 J A N U A R Y 💙

January was particularly a wonderful month; we returned to Musical Theatre training (we crawled out of Jazz on our hands and knees - it never gets any easier)

Ann Culley's School Of Dance: Showcase
I'm the girl in the blue sequin dress.

On the first day back we were handed out our Dance results: formal assessment for Jazz, informal assessment for ballet and tap (formal means it was real exam and informal means it was a mock). I felt like I was 8 years old again being handed my IDTA's. I quit dancing when I was quite young when I was being bullied for being Home Educated. "I daren't look at it - I've most likely failed it!", counted to three and turned the paper over. Jazz - Pass, Ballet - Pass, Tap - Pass. I could have cried, I was honestly just so happy! I think I was more fearing over Tap in all honesty, I often feel much more suited to contemporary, ballroom, traditional.

We were handed out our scripts for the roles in our TIE (Theatre In Education) piece - we are performing 'The Devoted Friend' by Oscar Wilde over Easter at a school in Nottingham, I was a little sad that we weren't doing 'The Gruffalo' as I wanted to learn the monologue. But not to say I'm displeased that we are doing an Oscar Wilde piece because I do absolutely love his work (currently own a bible of his work which sits happily next to the works Shakespeare and Albee.)

I've been cast as Llinos ( the narrator) and prepare yourselves, don't giggle, (little) Hans - anybody who has ever met me will know I am quite a tall lass (about 6ft). If someone forgets my name I have received nicknames such as; The Tall One, Dino
(quite a recent one) and BFG (which I'm quite fond of).

But the point is, Hans is meant to be little and a very fragile old man.

Over January we've been re-rehearsing for our extracts from 'Lillies On The Land', I'm playing Poppy a young girl who fancies herself as the next 'Veronica Lake' but working as a WLA (Women's Land Army) aka Land Girl, at the farm yard during the 1940's - our scene focused on the girls remembering their time as WLA's.

The performance went really well, out of nerves I skipped my beginning paragraph, I was utterly mortified but I covered it as much as possible, but we did it. We DID it. After months of planning, stressing, we DID it.

At the end of January, I attended an audition for my first lead in a short film, which I'm thrilled to say I got it! I GOT IT! Yes, I squealed. Yes, I celebrated with many biscuits (but you can never have too many!). We've commenced filming and I must say the cast and crew are utterly wonderful to work with and cannot wait to see the finished product.

This month ended also with yet another audition, this time for another big production called 'The Grapes Of Wrath', and I am thrilled to say I got in as Ensemble!

💚 F E B U A R A Y 💚

Febuaray commenced with the Expo Week 2017. I have always disliked Industry Weeks at college, only they seem to stress me out in all honesty. It makes you rack your brain over you're own career decisions, which shouldn't be right - luckily this year I managed to ignore it completely and pretend it was an 'ordinary' week.

Currently I'm waiting to hear back regarding my results for Acting & Business coursework, so fingers crossed!

This week has commence with rehearsals, more auditions for short films, continuous training. To sum it all up in three words? Wonderful Casual Chaos. 


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