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In absolute excitement, I have been so happy and very fortunate to be back performing as Ensemble with Touring Consortium Theatre Company again in 'Anita And Me' at Theatre Royal Nottingham 14th to 18th March 2017.

THURSDAY | 9th March 2017

It's the first rehearsal, I am always nervous before meeting people but the fact I already know four of the ensemble members makes it just that little bit better,  Michelle Smith, Estelle Smith, Alice Gee and Marcus Whybrow who were also in A Tale of Two Cities back in November 2016.

I have to be honest, it felt a bit weird to be going to the same rehearsal venue where I'm involved with two stage productions which ironically are being toured around the UK and each of the show's are exactly ten days apart - I'm currently involved with this production (Anita And Me) and The Grapes of Wrath.

We have commenced rehearsals on the beginning scenes where myself, Alice and Marcus have to run on stage cause chaos in Tollington with the lead, Anita (played by Laura Aramayo), we also went through the quick and simple blocking for the fairground. Where I 'third-wheel' Alice with Sam Lowbridge (played by Sam Cole). I adore the scene, it's as though the audience have two stories to watch unfold in front of them.

FRIDAY | 10th March 2017

Tonight we spent the evening recapping over scenes we have been learning and as well as going through the Morris Dancing, this is when the blocking gets tricky and took a bit to get my head around. I literally had to mind map when I got home and visualise how it would happen on the night.

Most of the time the ensemble feature in five scenes together, I feature in six, the additional is a 'beating' scene and really have never known a scene to question getting into character, it was strange but I accepted the challenge!

Currently I am torn between my favourite scene - I love Heathen Souls but I also really love Tollington during the finale because it's singing, dancing and acting literally you can't stop smiling when doing that little number!

MONDAY | 13th March 2017

School Outfit which I'm in about probably 30seconds at a time.
Costume fittings! If anything this is my favourite part of the production week, in this show I have four costumes but one is like an add on item. I am sure any actor will agree with me on this but spaced out costume changes is the best - each scene is spaced out in such a nice length of time it means changing into a nice fresh costume.
During Two Cities our garments got very sweaty VERY quickly because of the layers and although they were washed - sitting during an interval in a sweaty is not really pleasant.

The three costumes consist of the following:
  • School Outfit - this will be the first time I have ever worn a school outfit, let alone been to school as I was home educated all my life and never went to school so this will be extremely funny.
  • Mrs Ormarod - She has a fantasy moment and we're dressed as her.
  • Casual Outfit - 70s, of course - I have an exact replica of a denim button up skirt.
  • Add on - Real Leather Jacket for the 'beating' scene although I am intensely jealous of Sam's Cherry Red Doc Martens!

Photo Credit to Philip Lowe for East Midlands Theatre

After the quick costume fitting with the super and very lovely Verity, we went to the green room to be interviewed by Philip Lowe from East Midlands Theatre who was writing an article for Nottingham Post.  You can read our little interview here!

Many lovely costumes!
TUESDAY - SATURDAY | 14th - 18th March
2017 |  

We have moved into the Theatre Royal today (Tuesday). I was first in because my singing training at college finished early which meant I could get first dips to open the dressing room.  "You're upstairs in room 7", I walked up each step excitedly and put the key to our lovely room, whispering to myself "Please have a fridge..." as I unlocked and opened the door. "THERE'S A FRIDGE! AND A WINDOW! AND AN ARMCHAIR!" - I squealed ( really easily pleased). I messaged the girls our room number and sat down and started knitting* with my lunch listening to Nottingham City life bustling.

*Currently I'm knitting a ton of scarfs and hoping to go out at Christmas time to donate to the homeless. So as you can imagine at the minute I am never without wool or knitting needles where-ever I go!

When the community theatre were 'ensembled', we went down to meet the cast of Anita And Me and rehearse with them for the afternoon.

Before pretty much before we knew it was the first show - but what I didn't know was that tonight (Tuesday) there were some surprise audience members - some tutors and students from my college had come down to watch and support!  College have been insanely supportive this week because juggling coursework, assessments and revision whilst doing a lot of projects outside is quite a struggle so huge thank you to you guys!

The past week has been absolutely wonderful and like to thank the Touring Consortium Theatre Company for having me during such an awesome show - If you get the chance to go and watch in Bradford or Edinburgh then please go and support them! Wishing the next ensemble, cast and crew all the very best over next two weeks!

Now for photos - what, you didn't seriously think I'd forget, did you?


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