Coast to Coast: Haul | Part 1

Now, travelling is never complete until you've bought some bits and bobs. I heartily refuse to leave any town I've visited empty handed. Due to travelling on three trains, I was limited to how much I could get and size ect. I've purchased items I plan to do short yet sweet reviews in the coming weeks on the named products (exciting)! And these are what I purchased:  


Whilst in Scarborough, I came across a sweet shop called 'Homebird House' - I've previously visited them and been in complete amazement of what they offer - beautiful pieces of homewares, gifts, cards, lights and so much more!

The attention to detail is beautiful and the staff are super friendly! Everywhere you look there is always something different and new - I remember last year regretting not purchasing certain items such as the adorable necklaces, or the scarfs.

This year I purchased these two Bath Tea Bags by Handmade in Derbyshire by Wild Olive and they smell heavenly, really particularly looking forward to using the 'Lemon, May Chang and Green Tea' and 'Tuberose, Jasmine and Rosehip' which is meant to be good for relaxing the muscles. Due to my Arthritis in my knees, hips and ankles the pain can get sometimes a bit intense leaving my muscles achey and tight so this product is perfect - looking forward to reviewing them both!
You can follow the company on Instagram at @homebirdhouse and give'em a LIKE on Facebook at 'Homebird House' .


Onto my second products, Sewerby Hall's very lovely and attractive Lavender Soap and Beeswax Candle both by W.S.Robson.
The scent is subtle in both and very delicate detailing.

I can remember as a child when I was home educated visiting Sewerby in the autumn for the candle maker man who made the rainy Yorkshire days much more fun and I often forget his workshop is no longer there. However it's made up for Sewerby Hall & Garden's gift shops where they sell really gorgeous produce and products.

As a place itself, it is magical. The gardens transport you to tranquillity, the zoo in honesty gives you your childhood back and the house makes you feel like time has stopped, you can look around and forget you are by the coast.

You can follow the Sewerby Hall & Gardens on Instagram at @SewerbyHall and give them a LIKE on Facebook 'Sewerby Hall & Gardens' or even better go pay a visit, it's like the Chatsworth of the Coast.

Honeyz Bath Products Limited #3

The Third and absolutely favourite is Honeyz Bath Products Limited located in the heart of Whitby. This is ironically my third visit to the shop. 

Firstly the outside of the shop is so beautiful - consisting of a forest look filled with floral displays. It really is like entering a new world after exiting the bustling Whitby streets.

Honeyz has a variety of handmade bath products and the staff are always helpful. The smell is lot eaiser on the lungs for somewhere such as Lush. Everything has been considerately placed and really well thought out. I even spotted the Whitby inspired black bat soap which smelt incredible.

I purchased the Yellow Jelly Baby (bought the Strawberry one last year which went down a treat in our house), Lemongrass and the seriously glittery Honey which smells devine! I carried this home in my back pack from Yorkshire to Nottingham and I was almost constantly sniffing my bag and it smelt incredible.

I can tell they take great pride into there products because each bath bomb is wrapped in gold ribbon, placed so carefully into the golden bags. It's like carrying a little basket of treasures.

As I say to my family, a trip is never complete without going to Honeyz shop. It really is the Lush of Whitby

You can follow the company on Instagram at @Honeyz_Bath_Products_ltd and LIKE on Facebook at 'Honeyz Bath Products Limited'

All Bath products featured by these businesses above will be in the review 'Time To Relax - Bath Products Review' will be up at the end of this August 2017.


To complete my trip to Bridlington, my last shop was 'Behind The Times', a vintage and handmade shop filled with incredible goodies. 

I purchased this lovely little simple necklace 'Believe' (£7.50) and this adorable Sass & Belle 'Lovely Bird Brooch' featuring a Blue Tit (£2.50). I suggested to little sister that we have one each to be called a 'Pair of Tits' but sadly she forgot to get one.

I've purchased many items from Behind The Times one of which is a little copper bike made to support women in Africa who have been victims to things such as domestic abuse.

The owner of the shop has put such thought into the shop, there are so many lovely items that are featured and I wish I could have bought everything. Behind The Times of Bridlington really is a hidden gem.

You can follow the company on Instagram at @behindthetimesbridlington and also LIKE on Facebook at 'Behind The Times'


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