Ey up m'ducks! 

My name is Lucy, but I'm often referred to as Luce. I'm 22, an Actress, Illustrator & Writer currently residing in Nottingham, UK.

Recent acting credits include; Maid in GETTING DRESSED (series) (2018), Wollstonecraft in DANGEROUS MINDS (Viral History, 2018), soon to be seen as Beatrix in PRINT (TV SERIES) (2018), but recently Ensemble in Anita And Me (2017), Ensemble in A TALE OF TWO CITIES (2016)

Alongside the people pretending & doodling I am soon to be studying for my BA (Hons); but like all young people I have two options, Nottingham Trent University an unconditional to study Costume Design and Making or in Creative Arts (Illustration, Creative Writing & Photography) with Open College of Arts (formally where Tracey Emin studied).

If I'm not performing, you'll usually find me cosied up listening to music (preferably classical rock / cheesy 80s music and musicals) with a good book or teching/assisting backstage. I'm described as the Mermaid or 'Time Traveller' because I dress like one.

The Cheerful Notes was first set up in 2014, when I was 17 years old and in my final year of my Home Education and about to go into college. Four years consisting of training in two fields; Art and Performing -  I am now on a little journey to make others smile or at least try too.


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