Ey up m'ducks! 

My name is Lucy, but I'm often referred to as Luce. I'm 21, an Actress, Illustrator & Writer currently residing in Nottingham, UK.

Recent acting credits include; Wollstonecraft in DANGEROUS MINDS (Viral History, 2018), soon to be seen as Beatrix in PRINT (TV SERIES) (2018), but recently Ensemble in Anita And Me (2017), Ensemble in A TALE OF TWO CITIES (2016)

Alongside the people pretending & doodling I am soon to be studying for my BA (Hons) in Creative Arts (Illustration, Creative Writing & Photography) with Open College of Arts.

If I'm not performing, you'll usually find me cosied up listening to music (preferably classical rock / cheesy 80s music and musicals) with a good book or teching/assisting backstage. I'm described as the Mermaid or 'Time Traveller' because I dress like one.

The Cheerful Notes was first set up in 2014, when I was 17 years old and in my final year of my Home Education and about to go into college. Four years consisting of training in two fields; Art and Performing -  I am now on a little journey to make others smile or at least try too.


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