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A night I'm sure I will remember for eternity. So shall I unleash my utter dream moment of fangirling or shall I savor it?

Let's go from the production side first, which was, well, mesmerizing. The set design itself was 'puzzle' like as it transpired and translated smoothly into a new room, although the occasional moment of the odd 'bump' as they were placed, I thought added to the authenticity. From an audience's perspective it looked like how I imagined George's 'Mind Palace' would probably work, in time and with humor. The set wasn't pristine, it felt like it was starting to 'deteriorate' during the production also linking back to the King's Mental Health. (Not even apologizing for the Mind Palace pun - if you get it, fantastic, if you don't then oh dear, oh dear...)  Mark Gatiss's and Adrian Scarborough's acting was super with an enthralling  supporting Ensemble cast. Particular mention to gender neutral casting, wh…

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