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Time Travelling To 1816

Okay not quite literally sending myself years in the past, I'm not sure that's quite frankly possible but we can all very much dream of this prosperity, but in the mean time let the world of cinematography take us there. 

Which is exactly what Crow's Eye Productions did. To any fans of period costumed dramas; in the film world there are some incredibly talented human beings whom re-create and educate audiences worldwide.

In the September, I was cast for the Halloween Special of the 'Getting Dressed' Film series on YouTube as a Maid to dress Mary Shelley. Naturally I was very excited to be yet again be wearing clothing from another era. I've been very fortunate to 'live in' a variety of period costumed pieces in the past four years; 17th Century (French Revolution), 19th Century in both Wild Western and English 18th Century as the vindicator of women's rights and ironically Mary Shelley's mother, Mary Wollstonecraft for DANGEROUS MINDS series by

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