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SWEET CHARITY | Illustrative Review

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Press Night with the inhouse company Critics Circle  for the production of 'SWEET CHARITY'. I think I experienced nearly every emotion viewing 'SWEET CHARITY' at the Nottingham Playhouse; it was an absolute proper feel good musical which brought Summer 2018 to an end perfectly!  

Where do I start; the costumes and the mesmerizing set which held so many elements of surprising moments where I gasped and said "Oh god that's so clever!"  In a way both were utilized to create something so simple, for example; a subway scene and engaging the use of Charity's trench coat creating different dynamics for a crowd scene. 

As someone who has been involved in a variety of roles onstage and backstage, it has taught me to appreciate every element that goes into bringing the production alive - which is exactly how this show mad me feel. ALIVE.

When leaving a show this is exactly how it should make you feel; like your hea…

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