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New Year...And why have a new me?

I am asking myself this all day! And its giving me a massive headache...

When your out in the streets, your friends are bound to ask you about New Years resolution! Its practuily asking "Are you going to change because its a different year?!" and the anwser No from me because I am perfect the way I am and I like being me! I am regulary told:

1. I am creative - you will see my artwork later.
2. "You pretty much like a model!" - I am not...I am just tall and like to show my height with pride! And ok I like to show my style but baby, darling I am just 'Standing Tall and Proud'!
3. I am very Bakertive - this is true. I love baking and love to share my skills!
4. "Your really open minded!" - I have always been open minded because I believe imangination is the key to life! Beat bordorm with imangination.

Well I just wish you Happy New Year!


Questioning myself....

So have you enjoyed December?

Of course I have! It was a speacil day on the 18th!

Was it? What was so speacil?

Well I can say it was an aniversary!

It was yours wasn't it?! What was it for?

Yep and it was my 10th Year Aniversary of acting. And also 25th show! I took up drama when I was 6 Years Old and went to Helen O Grady. But now I go to a different one for Home Educated and Schooled Young People. I must say I have learnt more at this one then Helen O Grady. For starters I am respected and praised at this on but when I was at Helen O Grady I was bullied by students and one teacher. But at the Home Ed one we are counted as a company and perform at different venues. We are like one massive family. When someone leaves it doesn't feel the same, because we are all praticully best friends.

Maybe you should list how many shows you do!

Good Idea, but maybe tomorrow! I am very sleepy and would like to watch a rottweiler with hic cups!


Could We? COME JOIN!

Could we try and get to 1000 or more views?! Come on! I bet we could do it just before New Years Eve or even New Years Day!

So Email, text, call, send a pigeon telegram to your friends and family! Heck lets send this blog viral!

Your rather weird blogger,

Lucy x


So as the week went by I am now full of festive excitment!

"Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall?" Yes I am!
"Is it the time that santa had a ball?" I don't know why you asking me?
"Does he ride a red nose reindeer?" Well maybe...
"Does a ton up on his slay?" I hope so because I love prezzies!
"Do the faries keep sober for a day?" I hope so or kids are gonna get a fright of there lives...
"SO HERE IT IS!" Whats here?
"EVERYBODYS HAVING FUN!" I sure blooming am!
"Look to the future now... its only just begun!" It was fun while it lasted...

Sleeping Beauty becomes Sleeping on the wrong side of the bed...

Grumpy guts is up! And yes I am talking about me. But I am cheering up because its someone's Birthday! Its not mine..

Can you work out my birthday? Count back 13weeks from 25th December and it will come up as a golden date.

Really cold outside today.. so today I am staying in and relaxing.

Do you no what? I have been living on CPC, thats  Chicken, Potatoes and Chocolate since christmas day.

Going to decorate my mums cake now! x


I wish you all a very merry chistmas! We may not have a white christmas but remember that you'll be with friends and family. So may your christmas be wonderus!


A teen on a spiders Web....

I hate this. You search for site and considering since I am teenager, I looked for a site that might be some interest to me and I searched "Teens website for girl"...

I am disappionted in what they have to offer...Its more about really disgusting things that even I would be embarrrased to read or talk about THAN being yourself...

Why isn't there better websites and magazines to offer?




I can now get excited about christmas instead of dying!

Mayan Calender....I think its the start of a new era!

Hip Horray

The Hobbit and a numb bum...

I went to see 'The Hobbit an unexpected journey' well my unexpected journey was my bum went completly numb! After 30mins the dwarves were still persauding Bilbo to join there quest and you relise "Only 2hrs 30mins to go!". I think my favourite scene was Bilbo Baggins (played by Martin Freeman) meeting the weird creepy dude...the one with the ring! They have a game of riddles and Bilbo says "Whats in my pocket?" and he gives him 3 chances the creepy dude says "A knife? A gun!" "Thats two chances gone" "Shut up!"

The cinema I went to had loads of people coughing and sneezing I said loudly "Do we pay extra for flu?!".

Well it was fully a good film! I would rate it 3 STARS. Due to violence I think the film should have been rated 15 not 12A!


Fracking Hell!

Just checked this morning 791 views!!

"I'm Dizzyed by this genius!" Red Dwarf X episode Lemons spoken by Jesus about a Bag for Life. wonder if it was TESCO bag for life? lol

                                  Even myself I am dizzyed by how many views!

                            But still! Wahoo! If I write 12 more posts I will have reached 100 posts.
Can I do it? Of course I can! Or my names not Lulabella-mozerella!

"Really?! Jesus..."

I just looked at how many people are reading my blog and the total has gone upto 758 Pageviews!

Thank you! I am so happy! By the way the title is a quote from Red Dwarf X episode Lemons spoken by Dave Lister played by Craig Charles. And very well played! I love Red Dwarf. When I am upset I run to watch it with a bar of Cadburys or a Pot Noodle (edible of course!) and the Pot Noodle flavor? Chicken and Mushroom...but its not chicken so Veggies dig in! I am a Chicken-a-Pisca-terian! So far 10 people have joined in! 

My sister had the last pot noodle today and spilled it over our lovely 8 day old leather sofa! Fan-fracking-tastic! Really upset...not for the sofa but for the Pot Noodle...I am giving it a funeral.

Lucy x

What you doing you dozey blogger?

I typed this in November.

Well as usal its a tuesday. NGY day! I took the tram and made my way to soggy nottingham.... And believe me it was soggy. Yesterday it was so bad we took the bus and we went through a coutryside road. I looked through the window... The road was flooded, that was it the bus couldn't do a U-Turn it went through the flooded road and water poured through the doors! I was luckily above ground with my gituar. 'Bobby' my gituars name has now lost two gitaur strings and It sounds like a cat is screeching and dragging its backside on the floor! It sounds shocking!

"You cleaned your room?! Are you ill?!"

One of the many things a teenager trys not to do...Clean there delightful and well messed up room. And why did I clean my room? I cleaned my room because I lost my script... "Where are little pile of words of madness?!", Now I throught great...that is just great its gone. I cleaned my room and I was crying because I loved that pile of mess! I told my sister I cleaned my room and she said "You cleaned you room?! Are you ill?!" I told her I needed it! So I have found it thank god!


Latest Update

My hand is still sore but the weird sick thing is me and my dance partner had broken his finger so it was bandage to bandage...and everyone was in fits and said they wanted to take a photo and put it on Facebook....No blooming way! I hate Facebook I mean I don't want anyone to come and 'Poke' me!

My friend goes back to the USA tomorrow so I want to say,

"Mate, I am gonna miss you so much. I know you'll be gone for christmas but I am going to miss you so so so much! Your the bestest, weirdest, funniest friend I have ever got to meet in the world! I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Lucy x"

I did cry a little writing that...I'm gonna go now bye.

Little Hand Drawn Character

All sweet little characters and hand drawn of course! All credit to Mollie Makes! More to come! x

Ow....and Double OW!

Well my wrist and parts of my hand still hurts. I need to take it easy. I have emailed my director that I have injured my wrist and hand because I have to do a big scene with my partner! Who has also injured himself! Oh its all happening and just a week to go! Littl unsure on my Solo but I can pull it off I know I can!
Learnt all my lines and just in time!! xD

I am really tired now so night!

Lucy x

Its Cold outside!

I must be insane! Its 6am, I am tired, its cold outside and its flipping dark!!!

I want to sleep!

But...I am seeing my bestest friend in the world! I have known her for 12 Years and know matter what we stick to together! You know who you are, sweetheart! x

Sprained Hand....

less than 2 weeks till a performance and I have sprained my hand! The dress rehersal is on monday and my hand hurts like heck! But I am going to be a brave trooper and get on the stage! I would get on stage even if I had broke my legs and looked like a complete twonk!

So if you see spelling mistakes Its not me.... its my hand going loopy.

This is not the first time I have sprained my right hand... and my favourite hand might I add!

Julius Ceasar, Dress rehersall day before the grand opening. I was building furnite and I came in with a badly sprained hand. I had volenteered to carry props because I had only 5 scenes todo. I got to carry the props but not the heavy ones!

Have you ever been in my situation?

Signed a truly weird girl,

Lucy x

Its getting colder and the radio presenters are getting gloaty!

I rememeber when you would be in the back of a Ford, looking out of a window and it would be snowing. 'Are we nearly there yet?' the sentance every parent hates when they are stuck in traffic. And to make it worse you put the radio on and the presenters gloat about people being stuck in traffic. You can just see them. The driver looks through the fogged window screen and low and behold snow chucking it down. The presenter was right and the gloat again.... I call them GG's. Why??? I hear you ask? because its called a Gloating Goat.

I hate the fact the advertisments get more and more cheesy and longer!! I would rather drink a cold cup of sick.

Am I moaning, oh god I am *whines*.

Well you have now heard what I am a Moaning, Whining and Sarcastic Teenager. And thats just the start of it! You haven't seen my really and I mean REALLY bad days.


THIS CAN NOT BE HAPPENING! Oh yes its happening....

Can it be true? Oh yes...
I CAN NOT! Oh yes it is...
ME ACTING NATH?!?! Oh yes its happening!

Is it me or does that Header or the beginning of this post sound like a Flipping panto?!!
Oh know you don't!... I hate Pantos. I would rather take my eyes out with a blunt fork and feed them to a small brown dog!


Let it Swan?

I can't wait for snow to fall! I love snow! But not yellow snow...
When I was little I used to make my own cards and of course when your little your spelling is bound not to be brilliant! On cards I tried to write 'Let it Snow' instead it came out as 'Let it Swan'.

I think this is my 80th post!

I will try to post my 100th on Christmas day! Can I do it? Of course! BRING IT ON!!


Christmas MADNESS!

Oh for gods sakes... Its like 21 days till christmas and I lost the mood for christmas a month early because of shops! I mean...why put christmas tree's up on 13th of flipping august?! 

I only go into TESCO and panick people for a laugh on my birthday! I was born excactly 13weeks till christmas so for a laugh I go "I can't believe its only 13 weeks till christmas!". Its so funny because a week later christmas deals start coming to sainsburys! I could laugh my head off at times!...

Suddenly everything goes quiet..... I'm not that funny am I? But I am mad.....but the best people are!

Well looking at the time it's 23:18PM and I am completey shatted! We have to be up in the morning because the new armchair is coming tomorrow! Really looking to christianing the chair with my butt!

Well see you later!


Shes a Red Dwarf fan?!

I hear this at times "Shes a Red Dwarf fan?!".... Well not just me but my sister too. We challenge each other on the Red Dwarf Offical website on the Seires Quiz things and at the moment I am in the lead. One time I painted my sisters nails RED DWARF <3 . We had loads of people talking to us about how cool our nails looked. We even met some Red Dwarf fans on a mode of transport.

I hope to go to the RED DWARF DIMENSION JUMP convention and meet the cast.
But I can only dream....


Me...little 6ft me?

Well well... Its December and its getting colder by the mintue! Its time of year when I want to just wear my duvet cover! By the end of the year I am going to put more pictures of what I did! Infact here's one now!
Oh my flipping budgies eating fudge! That is not the most attractive picture of myself! I am sure there is a better one! Hang on... That looks better! It was a little comedy picture. All those hats have featured in a performance! And most of the time I get to keep something from a past production! See you soon x

Thank You!

As a young teen and getting ready for a show and is very tired from cheorgraphy today! I want to say Thank you for getting me to 702 views! I am jumping over the moon! And with a fantastic new sofa I am going to have celebratery jump! OH FLIPING 700 BUDGIES!!!

thanks again


2 Views away from getting 700!

Thats right! This Blog is 2 views away from getting 700views. And this blog is not even 1years old :)

Please comment don't be shy! Shall I tell you all a secret well....When people talk to me I look normal but I get quite nervous! But the only way I get over my nerves is by acting. When I am on stage I feel so normal!

I have three massive experiences:

Performing at Nottingham Concert Hall! I performed with the Northern Ballet as a Summer School project.

Hosting at Mansfield Palace Theatre. Thanks to YMCA Digital I hosted with two fellow friends at the YMCA Showcase!

Performing at Newstead Abbey and Newark Castle. I remember getting the part of Babtista Minola and I had to be a bit Sarcastic and funny and serious as well. I thought "Yay I got a main part but ah....156 lines in oringinal shakespeare text! Thats fine I can pull it off!" And I did and I got Reviewed with my best friend!

Watch this blog because well you never know when I will post!



Jammy Dodgers...

Why the heck do I write silly topic names... I don't, maybe because I want them to stand out! I am really having trouble getting off to sleep...

Well today I am going Horse Riding! Seeing Cassie, a horse I hire and is also is a true delight to ride. We are the same age and everytime I see her she actually smiles! I can't wait to see her.

And also today I am going out with a friend to a Thanks Giving Party! I haven't been to a grown up style party! But I am really excited.

I wonder if Horse Riding will be good for my acting? Who knows!

See You Soon


So what have you been upto?

Today I have been bit of happy chrippy kind of person! As you can see on my profile picture. Hat 1 from the USA, Hat 2 is my sisters old costume she wore and choregraphed a 'Morris Dance' for Midsummer Nights Dream. I remember just getting my braces and I got the part of Quince and what a part! I loved it! But it was quite difficult speaking on stage with 'Train Tracks' on your teeth. So my todays topic is mostly about 'What the hell have you beening doing?'. Well I have doing some work, Checking my gear for tomorrow. I am going horse riding. My horse riding is coming on a treat at the moment, I am at the moment really good at Trotting, Gallop and I am also good at Fast trot. I want to learn how to jump! I feel ready to jump! Well looking at the time I should go through my script and practise like a squiral on red bull on my solo! More pictures to come in the future! x

Another day...

Sorry everyone didn't relise how long since I posted!

Right what have I been doing?....

I got the part of Mary Paige in the christmas performance.
I recently did a three legged walk around Lakeside which was paticulary very hard. I did it with a group of Home Ed's for Children In Need. We raised roughly £160 :)  so everyone was smiling! Well I say everyone...I was chattering my teeth together because it was so flipping cold!!!

I currently making things to go on a craft stall. I have totaled if I sell each 'Candy Cane Mouse' then I can make a rough profit of £13.


Scripts..Travel and singing

What a day...again!

Today I saw my friends in Chesterfield. Well known for the sprial church!
I bought myself a new skirt to go over my stage blacks for this christmas performance.

I have to sing 'I Don't Know How To Love Him' and as well my character has a american accent. I can pull it because apparently my accents get better and my impressions too!

Tell you more tomorrow.


Happy Haloween!

Happy Haloween and also Day of The Dead.

Get your pumpkins out...not a Euphemism! And yes thats real word but don't ask what it means because I haven't got the foggest!


Boys from the Dwarf!

Wonderful vid from Youtube user perfumedsecrets!

After 10 seires of Red Dwarf I think the smeg fans should get together and create a tribute video!

just an idea :)


Red Dwarf - Tik Tok

Not my work or credit to the maker of this vid :)
So glad Mr Flibbles got a mention!


Red Dwarf - Manga Sketch

At last Blogspot allowed me to add my sketch! It took 5 - 6 hours to sketch.

Please do not copy this image. if you want a copy please message or comment and I will get back to you ASAP.

For those who would love a copy of any sketchs please email:



Thank you so much for getting my blog to 600 views! My happiness is mad! THANKS.

Show it to your mates! Lets get to 700 and Beyond!



Well I am absolutly knicker-knacked! And anyone who doesn't know what that word is well I say when I tired. As you know I went to London yesterday and saw many things.

At the moment I am writing up my day off-line and then you can see not only what I did and pictures of everything!

Some people reconised me from Taming Of The Shrew! I felt a little famous. I played the 1st Huntsman and Babtista. I can still remember my lines as well. I played at Newstead Abbey and Newark Castle two very nice historic buildings. I think the highlight of that summer was I got a mention in a review for the Show!

Well if you don't mind I am having Red Dwarf day today to relax because I got home yesterday just before Midnight! My ankles were a little swollen but it was worth it for everything!!

See you soon & Toodle-pips


Oh budgies..

Ok...this awkward.


I can't upload. I can't upload my Red Dwarf Sketch! Smegging hell....

A Little Change...

A Change of name..... has changed its name to Thats a Teens Life. Which is ment to be mine and I kinda thought about while sleeping. What make a blog so true to the reader? Well I need to tell a bit about myself as a Teen! But not to personal!

So in a new Sweet 16 I say "Hello and Welcome to Thats a Teens Life!".

Enjoy the changes as they are about to get a little speacil! Did I spell that right? Oh by-the-way if I spell anything wrong, sorry. Comment and let me know and I will remember in future.



Latest to come..

Well I think my blog needs updating starting from Tomorrow or next week not decided yet...

My latest obbsession is now Red Dwarf. Rimmer rules! I sometimes use the quotes at drama for a laugh! But note to myself, Do not call your drama teacher a Smeg Head! As I got the most awkward look.....I am sure one of his eye brows are missing!

But still I thinking of adding some of my artwork but please do not copyright! If you want it or want to use it for something please comment I will get back to you.

I will start writing a little diary but nothing too personal.

Red Dwarf stuff will be on here soon or later.



One Long Tuesday...

Oh geez.... I haven't posted in about 20days...

Well my dear readers! I went for my Silver Arts Award moderation at NGY, I am sure I have passed but I have to wait to hear from my advisor.... I have done this thing before because I did my Bronze from November 2011 to March 2012 and of course passed.

Before I went in for the interview my lovely mum sent me a text: 'Good Luck! Not that you need it Xxx'...Now straight after that text I felt no longer nervous because I had a little Angel on my shoulder saying "You can do it!" I went to meet the moderator with my head held high and my portfolio in my hands. I could feel so much confidence! During the interview I asked about the Gold Arts Award because I thinking of taking it when I am older.

After I went to Wetherspoons for a lovely meal to celebrate that Silver was out of the way! We started discussing about London Trip. I am visiting London on Friday for The Houses Of Parliment and I am really looking forward to i…

Writing for a lifetime~

After a day writing my diary It has kinda made me feel happy and made me feel more truthful.
I hope to one day make my diary into a book. I want to call it "The Diary of a Home Educated Teenager".


No life is over!!!

Oh long is it since I posted?! Sorry my dear peeps... I seem to have caught a stupied bug. Not feeling that 'Chipper'.

Whatever I have I hope it boggers off for my 16th!

16 YEAR OLD In the making! I have decided it might be a good idea to create a list of things I want to do before I am 21...And no I have got the idea from wild trust and turned the 12 into 21!

As I type this up I have started taking up 'Multi-tasking' which is brill :) to the over 30s 'brill' means BRILLIANT!!!!

I have finally found time to watch primeval fan vids :D from seires 5.

Keep on reading while I post~


Forgeting the most important thing todo...

Have you ever walked to do something and gotten to place where you were going to do what you were ment to do and completey forgotton what you were going todo?

It's a phase we end up going through that make us kick our selves.

The problem is your stressed or overtired or possibly given too many jobs and you want to run....Run in a field and forget everything!

I go through this so much! but changing something will help such as:

1. Sleep - Sleep is the most important thing! Children should get up to the min 10 hours sleep, Teenagers 8-9 hours sleep is best! And Adults roughly need 7-8 hours. Have the odd night staying up a little late is fine but we all need to head to Snooze Land!

2. Relax - I find having at least 10-15mins of relaxing helps if I am nervous or stressed. Yoga helps so does a book or even animation of Shaun the Sheep helps! Baa!

3. Help!!! - Ask people to help, don't be the one to do all the jobs. When TESCO say 'Every Little Helps' or is that ASDA? never …

Stooshe - Black Heart ♥

I love this song. :)

A playlist will soon be made and new webpage so you can choose whatever you like :)


July ☼ really over week since I posted. Well I am sorry my dear followers!

Here is what happening in my life ╰☆╮

I recently learnt all 152 lines! I have some right buggers...  My drama group is doing The Taming of Shrew and I am playing:
1st Huntsman and Babtista Minola 
I have the Huntsman part because I act 'camp' at times. Alright I act 'camp' quite a bit. What can I say I like a giggle! ãƒ„
I am finishing bits of my Arts Award. ✎
Doing a show on Tuesday :)
And that's it. 

Please people, don't be shy to show you are following! You make me worth blogging! ✿⊱╮

Kate Nash - Pumpkin Soup ~ sister used to sing this like crazy when she was little! She sent via email, clicked the link as you do and what do you know she is next to me and singing it my face!

Grumpy Older Sister Face....Also known as the GOSF! Oh flipping hell its catchy...noooo!

She sounds like Lily Allen.

I can see now~~ Lily Allen and Kate Nash Mash up!!


Tiredness slowly setting in.....

Hello...good morning...Or if you live far away like Mars then gnjoiwetj!

Ok I do speak mars! I just hit my hand on the keyboard till it looks weirdly convicing! lol

So today I have a lot on and also a lot on next week... yipee!

Today - SUNDAY - I have to bake, go through scripts, hopefully write up some Arts Award.

MONDAY - New Art Exchange, Screeming Carrot (No joke or though the Reluctant Raddish could be a new name of shop), My friends house and then I do believe Drama for 4 hours.

TUESDAY - Drama and Visitor :)

WESENDAY - Dentist ( OH great).

THRUSDAY - Horse Riding and Packing for Holiday.

FRIDAY till SUNDAY - Camping in Derbyshire.


Computer Graphic's

The Teenage Girl 

The Young Boy & Girl

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Video

My friend did a speacil gymnastic's to this :) she can do so much :)


God Save the Queen!

I went to Nottingham at 'I think I am dying O'Clock' (it was 8am but I was exhausted).

But what I am about to say is something that is probably me mumbling because of tiredness!

Today waking up at probably 6:45am and leaving the house at 7:45am for the tram to get a good view for the queen worked because I was at the front...Near Pizza Hut...Lol...It was near enough! I got the most incredible photo's! I was asked to take photo's of people. Later on in the day, my friend came round and we watched the news because her sister went with year 7's. I just managed to spot myself on BBC Central and ITV Central :)

Now the lesson is the earlier you are the better the view O.O'


Overcoming my challenges!

I am thinking about telling about my day on this blog. I find writing hard and reading too.
Spelling is also a difficulty of mine but I am starting to over come that and reading.

Things that shall be over come!

Writing - Thanks to Yahoo! I have a pen-pal now from New Mexico and I am starting to write to her!

Reading - Thanks to two authors, I am starting to enjoy reading! Jacqueline Wilson and Micheal Morpurgo are making my imagination come more alive!


Spelling - I am breaking the words down and reading them and reciting the words. It takes time but it works wonders!


Coldplay - Violet Hill

Wow...Chris Martin looks so young is this music video! I think its the hair :)


Horne & Corden Show - Touch me, Father

I like it when they lose the will to live and start giggling while thinking of what to say next! Respect to Mat Horne from Notts! :D MC CHRIST. INIT BLAD!

not really a


Coldplay - Viva La Vida

I loveI love this song :) its so awsome :)


Grammy Awards 2012 Coldplay ft Rihanna Princess Of China & Paradise HD

Chris Martin and Rihanna singing at the grammy's this year :)

Coldplay is my paradise!


Coldplay Ft. Rihanna - Princess of China - Fan made :O

I only noticed this video was fan made! I am shocked at the great quality!

I love the song :)



I want to say thanks for viewing my blog :) And please don't be shy and comment :) I would love to hear requests! Thanks :)

Coldplay - Princess Of China - has coldplay taken over my love for BeeGees?!

Is this a bad thang-thing-a-ma-jig? I <3 Coldplay and BeeGees :) but Coldplay is now on 61% of my love for their music and BeeGees 49%.....OH CHRIST! I just did maths......*akward silence*

Lily Allen Naive by the Kooks Live lounge cover

I love this song... it so pretty *claps weirdly but happily* =}

Primeval: Raise Your Glass - Abby/Becker/Connor - not my work!

My sister wanted it on my blog and yes she's holding me in a headlock while I type....

Well made by a YouTube user :)

Primeval: Raise Your Glass - Abby/Becker/Connor - not my work!

My sister wanted it on my blog and yes she's holding me in a headlock while I type....

Well made by a YouTube user :)

my drawing :)

Sherlock Articles

Here are some Articles from the past :] enjoy x


Its really good song....a women said Jesus I had *something* and Ain't Nobody Got Time for That! and viola a funny song :D

Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Official)

I love Coldplay :) they are fantastic! every song they put on YouTube will go on my blog because they are great and talented band!

Most of their songs speak to me :)

Never thought that would happen!

Been to tesco and the Coldplay CD was £6 or something....I couldn't afford after spending on erasers.
Ok don't giggle I have this moment where I need erasers or something crackers.

Got home, fixed my grandads glasses.. he gave £5 and I found £1 under the bed....great one more week till I can get it! BUT! There's 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy', 'Wreckers' and loads more that I want! HOLY COW SERVED WITH MUSTARD! xC its hard saving....

Anyone else who has that shopping problem or saving?! Please don't make me feel alone :(


One person's Trash anothers person's treasure....

Oh christ....I first go to Nottingham complety shattered (shops were not open, not a complete happy bunny).

So on my way to the tram I have lost every single metal bead to my Pandora style braclet....Oh well I only hope a little girl has picked them up and treasured them and held them hard to her heart because they were loved <3 
Found a credit/debit card on the road and took it to a customer service and said that I found it.....You should have seen the face on the women...she looked shocked I gave it in....she thanked me and the secretity guard smiled at me when I left the building...I had a very nice warm fuzzy feeling (which was good because I was frezzing my bits off outside!) My sister said " were you asked for your name? did you get a reward?!" I said " No and Yes....." "What was the reward?!" and this was the most perfect reward I could be given! A smile and someone saying "Thank You". That cheered me up for loosing my beads :)
Now I s…

The Undertones-Teenage Kicks - one of my fave songs!!!

I love this song...I wish i had there CD :)




This is by my friend who is also like me :) loves benedict cumberbatch :D



The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists -- Coming to Theatres From ...

She's like an Auntie....but with a beak xD

We Laugh in the Face of Danger! From "The Pirates! In an Adventure With ...

Oh  I won't get to see this film...oh so disapointing! I WANT TO SEE MARTIN FREEMAN

Thats quite a few films I have not got to see war horse, tinker tailor soilder spy, this and more!

It's Ham Night!

Sod my veggie ways! I AM IN LOVE WITH HAM!

-{sherlock & john}-  i guess your right 

sweet....not sweet on 2 views :P

♡I guess your right...♡ -[benedict cumberbatch]

He is sweet and it's even more sweet that i have over 400 views! YAHOO!

~{ my artwork & photography }~

This is my artwork on YouTube :) enjoy

A New Life For Mable Part 3

Mable's back and living in a will she cope?!

Sylvanian Families Part 2

Its back and funnier :D mable - line xd

My Cute Doggy Posing for the Camera!

Oscar :) this is my baby :) oh holy cow only 43 views! :L unhappy face!!

Doctor Who In Pictures

My sister video :) sweety :3

Doctor Who - A Dance Of the Darlek Victory

haha I couldn't spell Darlek :P

A Sylvanian Familes Animation - A Dance You Will Never Forget

this is ok I guess.....enjoy it only had 142 views xD

Sylvanian Familes - A random production - First YouTube I did!

God....I sound awful in this not really something I....I SOUND AWFUL! Can't fathom this :P

03 - St. Trinian's Soundtrack - Oh My God

Its Lily Allen :P she's well rude init!


I forgot to mention that I will be adding the following new things! :

1) My Videos - You are soon getting to see my YouTube Videos.

2) Songs - Songs will be added to the blog

3) Articles - Articles will be added  soon! anything that catchs my eye!

05 - St. Trinian's Soundtrack - Nine2Five

This is a fantastic song :) listen to it and omg!

Secret Obession

Ok....I have addiction to the following get ready and your in for some shockers!

1) Chocolate - Sometimes this is a real addiction nom nom 58% and 80% awww Blooming heck! A  friend of mine gave me some from germany and some from the USA. I got home the dog jumped in my bag and thought great he has had got em....Grabbed to big bags and scoffed them! OH HELL THEY WERE GOOD!

2) Shopping - Sorry TESCO but your not my type but Paperchase and Greggs well....its like I am MARRIED! When I see my friends in town and we go shopping they say "You look great in that!"...STOP I DO NOT TRY ON GREGGS PASTEYS!....Although thats mighty tempting...

And for Today my WORST!

I fancy these following men....

Benedict Cumberbatch 
Martin Freeman
Ben Mansfield
Russel Howard
Andrew Lee Potts
Tom Hiddleston

And that folks.....I will be posting pictures of these following people and Items in Bold!

Lucy xx

Wildlife and Certain pictures that exploded.....

Magna, Sheffield
                                                      Squirrel enjoying pumkin, My Garden
                                     Nom nom,  Squirrel still enjoying the pumpkin, My Garden
                                                                       Magna, Sheffield
                                                  Little birdy, Somewhere in Nottinghamshire
Chestnut Center, Derbyshire
                                                           Chestnut Center, Derbyshire
                                                            Chestnut Center, Derbyshire
                                                        Woolaton Park, Nottinghamshire
                                                          Woolaton Park, Nottinghamshire
                                                       Woolaton Park, Nottinghamshire
                                                         Woolaton Park, Nottinghamshire
                                                           Woolaton Park, Nottinghamshire
                                                         Somewhere in Nottinghamshire

Quick Notice...

I only thought of this on the tram to a meeting....freaky~
Please Do NOT copy my photography! This is my artwork.... And anyway I am an Artist in my true sprit with a pencil to a sketch pad & same with cameras....
Snap it or you will regret it! See it, Love it, SNAP IT! 
Lucy x
My Arts Award Part A Model for my animation!


Some flowers - Robin Hood Bay, Yorkshire Cliffs
                  Leading to a world of nature and leftover doggy doo..... - Robin Hood Bay, Yorkshire Cliffs
                                                             Bempton Cliffs - Yorkshire
                                                     Penguin walking somewhere in Yorkshire
                                  Just off the Thornwick Bay Caravan Site, Flamborough - Yorkshire
                                                         Tramway place.... - Derbyshire
                                          The Ship in a playground, Forest Fields - Nottingham
                                                  My little Ladybird made at my house.
                                     Water pouring down bricks - The Central city of Nottingham
                                    Ka-Boom! Fireworks going off - Forest Fields, Nottingham
Bridlington Bay, Yorkshire                                                      Flower Blooming outside our house.
                                                     Traffic Speeding outside.....grrr
                                                              Ivy growing up a pin tree.
                                              Chrich Tramway Museum Sculptor, Derbyshire
                                                              My Cross stich pattern
                                                                      Some Scribbles
                                                                 Somewhere in Yorkshire
                                                                Somewhere in Bridlington
                                                                Bempton Cliffs, Yorkshire