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Writing for a lifetime~

After a day writing my diary It has kinda made me feel happy and made me feel more truthful.
I hope to one day make my diary into a book. I want to call it "The Diary of a Home Educated Teenager".


No life is over!!!

Oh long is it since I posted?! Sorry my dear peeps... I seem to have caught a stupied bug. Not feeling that 'Chipper'.

Whatever I have I hope it boggers off for my 16th!

16 YEAR OLD In the making! I have decided it might be a good idea to create a list of things I want to do before I am 21...And no I have got the idea from wild trust and turned the 12 into 21!

As I type this up I have started taking up 'Multi-tasking' which is brill :) to the over 30s 'brill' means BRILLIANT!!!!

I have finally found time to watch primeval fan vids :D from seires 5.

Keep on reading while I post~