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Thank You!

As a young teen and getting ready for a show and is very tired from cheorgraphy today! I want to say Thank you for getting me to 702 views! I am jumping over the moon! And with a fantastic new sofa I am going to have celebratery jump! OH FLIPING 700 BUDGIES!!!

thanks again


2 Views away from getting 700!

Thats right! This Blog is 2 views away from getting 700views. And this blog is not even 1years old :)

Please comment don't be shy! Shall I tell you all a secret well....When people talk to me I look normal but I get quite nervous! But the only way I get over my nerves is by acting. When I am on stage I feel so normal!

I have three massive experiences:

Performing at Nottingham Concert Hall! I performed with the Northern Ballet as a Summer School project.

Hosting at Mansfield Palace Theatre. Thanks to YMCA Digital I hosted with two fellow friends at the YMCA Showcase!

Performing at Newstead Abbey and Newark Castle. I remember getting the part of Babtista Minola and I had to be a bit Sarcastic and funny and serious as well. I thought "Yay I got a main part but ah....156 lines in oringinal shakespeare text! Thats fine I can pull it off!" And I did and I got Reviewed with my best friend!

Watch this blog because well you never know when I will post!



Jammy Dodgers...

Why the heck do I write silly topic names... I don't, maybe because I want them to stand out! I am really having trouble getting off to sleep...

Well today I am going Horse Riding! Seeing Cassie, a horse I hire and is also is a true delight to ride. We are the same age and everytime I see her she actually smiles! I can't wait to see her.

And also today I am going out with a friend to a Thanks Giving Party! I haven't been to a grown up style party! But I am really excited.

I wonder if Horse Riding will be good for my acting? Who knows!

See You Soon


So what have you been upto?

Today I have been bit of happy chrippy kind of person! As you can see on my profile picture. Hat 1 from the USA, Hat 2 is my sisters old costume she wore and choregraphed a 'Morris Dance' for Midsummer Nights Dream. I remember just getting my braces and I got the part of Quince and what a part! I loved it! But it was quite difficult speaking on stage with 'Train Tracks' on your teeth. So my todays topic is mostly about 'What the hell have you beening doing?'. Well I have doing some work, Checking my gear for tomorrow. I am going horse riding. My horse riding is coming on a treat at the moment, I am at the moment really good at Trotting, Gallop and I am also good at Fast trot. I want to learn how to jump! I feel ready to jump! Well looking at the time I should go through my script and practise like a squiral on red bull on my solo! More pictures to come in the future! x

Another day...

Sorry everyone didn't relise how long since I posted!

Right what have I been doing?....

I got the part of Mary Paige in the christmas performance.
I recently did a three legged walk around Lakeside which was paticulary very hard. I did it with a group of Home Ed's for Children In Need. We raised roughly £160 :)  so everyone was smiling! Well I say everyone...I was chattering my teeth together because it was so flipping cold!!!

I currently making things to go on a craft stall. I have totaled if I sell each 'Candy Cane Mouse' then I can make a rough profit of £13.