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New Year...And why have a new me?

I am asking myself this all day! And its giving me a massive headache...

When your out in the streets, your friends are bound to ask you about New Years resolution! Its practuily asking "Are you going to change because its a different year?!" and the anwser No from me because I am perfect the way I am and I like being me! I am regulary told:

1. I am creative - you will see my artwork later.
2. "You pretty much like a model!" - I am not...I am just tall and like to show my height with pride! And ok I like to show my style but baby, darling I am just 'Standing Tall and Proud'!
3. I am very Bakertive - this is true. I love baking and love to share my skills!
4. "Your really open minded!" - I have always been open minded because I believe imangination is the key to life! Beat bordorm with imangination.

Well I just wish you Happy New Year!


Questioning myself....

So have you enjoyed December?

Of course I have! It was a speacil day on the 18th!

Was it? What was so speacil?

Well I can say it was an aniversary!

It was yours wasn't it?! What was it for?

Yep and it was my 10th Year Aniversary of acting. And also 25th show! I took up drama when I was 6 Years Old and went to Helen O Grady. But now I go to a different one for Home Educated and Schooled Young People. I must say I have learnt more at this one then Helen O Grady. For starters I am respected and praised at this on but when I was at Helen O Grady I was bullied by students and one teacher. But at the Home Ed one we are counted as a company and perform at different venues. We are like one massive family. When someone leaves it doesn't feel the same, because we are all praticully best friends.

Maybe you should list how many shows you do!

Good Idea, but maybe tomorrow! I am very sleepy and would like to watch a rottweiler with hic cups!


Could We? COME JOIN!

Could we try and get to 1000 or more views?! Come on! I bet we could do it just before New Years Eve or even New Years Day!

So Email, text, call, send a pigeon telegram to your friends and family! Heck lets send this blog viral!

Your rather weird blogger,

Lucy x


So as the week went by I am now full of festive excitment!

"Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall?" Yes I am!
"Is it the time that santa had a ball?" I don't know why you asking me?
"Does he ride a red nose reindeer?" Well maybe...
"Does a ton up on his slay?" I hope so because I love prezzies!
"Do the faries keep sober for a day?" I hope so or kids are gonna get a fright of there lives...
"SO HERE IT IS!" Whats here?
"EVERYBODYS HAVING FUN!" I sure blooming am!
"Look to the future now... its only just begun!" It was fun while it lasted...

Sleeping Beauty becomes Sleeping on the wrong side of the bed...

Grumpy guts is up! And yes I am talking about me. But I am cheering up because its someone's Birthday! Its not mine..

Can you work out my birthday? Count back 13weeks from 25th December and it will come up as a golden date.

Really cold outside today.. so today I am staying in and relaxing.

Do you no what? I have been living on CPC, thats  Chicken, Potatoes and Chocolate since christmas day.

Going to decorate my mums cake now! x


I wish you all a very merry chistmas! We may not have a white christmas but remember that you'll be with friends and family. So may your christmas be wonderus!


A teen on a spiders Web....

I hate this. You search for site and considering since I am teenager, I looked for a site that might be some interest to me and I searched "Teens website for girl"...

I am disappionted in what they have to offer...Its more about really disgusting things that even I would be embarrrased to read or talk about THAN being yourself...

Why isn't there better websites and magazines to offer?




I can now get excited about christmas instead of dying!

Mayan Calender....I think its the start of a new era!

Hip Horray

The Hobbit and a numb bum...

I went to see 'The Hobbit an unexpected journey' well my unexpected journey was my bum went completly numb! After 30mins the dwarves were still persauding Bilbo to join there quest and you relise "Only 2hrs 30mins to go!". I think my favourite scene was Bilbo Baggins (played by Martin Freeman) meeting the weird creepy dude...the one with the ring! They have a game of riddles and Bilbo says "Whats in my pocket?" and he gives him 3 chances the creepy dude says "A knife? A gun!" "Thats two chances gone" "Shut up!"

The cinema I went to had loads of people coughing and sneezing I said loudly "Do we pay extra for flu?!".

Well it was fully a good film! I would rate it 3 STARS. Due to violence I think the film should have been rated 15 not 12A!


Fracking Hell!

Just checked this morning 791 views!!

"I'm Dizzyed by this genius!" Red Dwarf X episode Lemons spoken by Jesus about a Bag for Life. wonder if it was TESCO bag for life? lol

                                  Even myself I am dizzyed by how many views!

                            But still! Wahoo! If I write 12 more posts I will have reached 100 posts.
Can I do it? Of course I can! Or my names not Lulabella-mozerella!

"Really?! Jesus..."

I just looked at how many people are reading my blog and the total has gone upto 758 Pageviews!

Thank you! I am so happy! By the way the title is a quote from Red Dwarf X episode Lemons spoken by Dave Lister played by Craig Charles. And very well played! I love Red Dwarf. When I am upset I run to watch it with a bar of Cadburys or a Pot Noodle (edible of course!) and the Pot Noodle flavor? Chicken and Mushroom...but its not chicken so Veggies dig in! I am a Chicken-a-Pisca-terian! So far 10 people have joined in! 

My sister had the last pot noodle today and spilled it over our lovely 8 day old leather sofa! Fan-fracking-tastic! Really upset...not for the sofa but for the Pot Noodle...I am giving it a funeral.

Lucy x

What you doing you dozey blogger?

I typed this in November.

Well as usal its a tuesday. NGY day! I took the tram and made my way to soggy nottingham.... And believe me it was soggy. Yesterday it was so bad we took the bus and we went through a coutryside road. I looked through the window... The road was flooded, that was it the bus couldn't do a U-Turn it went through the flooded road and water poured through the doors! I was luckily above ground with my gituar. 'Bobby' my gituars name has now lost two gitaur strings and It sounds like a cat is screeching and dragging its backside on the floor! It sounds shocking!

"You cleaned your room?! Are you ill?!"

One of the many things a teenager trys not to do...Clean there delightful and well messed up room. And why did I clean my room? I cleaned my room because I lost my script... "Where are little pile of words of madness?!", Now I throught great...that is just great its gone. I cleaned my room and I was crying because I loved that pile of mess! I told my sister I cleaned my room and she said "You cleaned you room?! Are you ill?!" I told her I needed it! So I have found it thank god!


Latest Update

My hand is still sore but the weird sick thing is me and my dance partner had broken his finger so it was bandage to bandage...and everyone was in fits and said they wanted to take a photo and put it on Facebook....No blooming way! I hate Facebook I mean I don't want anyone to come and 'Poke' me!

My friend goes back to the USA tomorrow so I want to say,

"Mate, I am gonna miss you so much. I know you'll be gone for christmas but I am going to miss you so so so much! Your the bestest, weirdest, funniest friend I have ever got to meet in the world! I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Lucy x"

I did cry a little writing that...I'm gonna go now bye.

Little Hand Drawn Character

All sweet little characters and hand drawn of course! All credit to Mollie Makes! More to come! x

Ow....and Double OW!

Well my wrist and parts of my hand still hurts. I need to take it easy. I have emailed my director that I have injured my wrist and hand because I have to do a big scene with my partner! Who has also injured himself! Oh its all happening and just a week to go! Littl unsure on my Solo but I can pull it off I know I can!
Learnt all my lines and just in time!! xD

I am really tired now so night!

Lucy x

Its Cold outside!

I must be insane! Its 6am, I am tired, its cold outside and its flipping dark!!!

I want to sleep!

But...I am seeing my bestest friend in the world! I have known her for 12 Years and know matter what we stick to together! You know who you are, sweetheart! x

Sprained Hand....

less than 2 weeks till a performance and I have sprained my hand! The dress rehersal is on monday and my hand hurts like heck! But I am going to be a brave trooper and get on the stage! I would get on stage even if I had broke my legs and looked like a complete twonk!

So if you see spelling mistakes Its not me.... its my hand going loopy.

This is not the first time I have sprained my right hand... and my favourite hand might I add!

Julius Ceasar, Dress rehersall day before the grand opening. I was building furnite and I came in with a badly sprained hand. I had volenteered to carry props because I had only 5 scenes todo. I got to carry the props but not the heavy ones!

Have you ever been in my situation?

Signed a truly weird girl,

Lucy x

Its getting colder and the radio presenters are getting gloaty!

I rememeber when you would be in the back of a Ford, looking out of a window and it would be snowing. 'Are we nearly there yet?' the sentance every parent hates when they are stuck in traffic. And to make it worse you put the radio on and the presenters gloat about people being stuck in traffic. You can just see them. The driver looks through the fogged window screen and low and behold snow chucking it down. The presenter was right and the gloat again.... I call them GG's. Why??? I hear you ask? because its called a Gloating Goat.

I hate the fact the advertisments get more and more cheesy and longer!! I would rather drink a cold cup of sick.

Am I moaning, oh god I am *whines*.

Well you have now heard what I am a Moaning, Whining and Sarcastic Teenager. And thats just the start of it! You haven't seen my really and I mean REALLY bad days.


THIS CAN NOT BE HAPPENING! Oh yes its happening....

Can it be true? Oh yes...
I CAN NOT! Oh yes it is...
ME ACTING NATH?!?! Oh yes its happening!

Is it me or does that Header or the beginning of this post sound like a Flipping panto?!!
Oh know you don't!... I hate Pantos. I would rather take my eyes out with a blunt fork and feed them to a small brown dog!


Let it Swan?

I can't wait for snow to fall! I love snow! But not yellow snow...
When I was little I used to make my own cards and of course when your little your spelling is bound not to be brilliant! On cards I tried to write 'Let it Snow' instead it came out as 'Let it Swan'.

I think this is my 80th post!

I will try to post my 100th on Christmas day! Can I do it? Of course! BRING IT ON!!


Christmas MADNESS!

Oh for gods sakes... Its like 21 days till christmas and I lost the mood for christmas a month early because of shops! I mean...why put christmas tree's up on 13th of flipping august?! 

I only go into TESCO and panick people for a laugh on my birthday! I was born excactly 13weeks till christmas so for a laugh I go "I can't believe its only 13 weeks till christmas!". Its so funny because a week later christmas deals start coming to sainsburys! I could laugh my head off at times!...

Suddenly everything goes quiet..... I'm not that funny am I? But I am mad.....but the best people are!

Well looking at the time it's 23:18PM and I am completey shatted! We have to be up in the morning because the new armchair is coming tomorrow! Really looking to christianing the chair with my butt!

Well see you later!


Shes a Red Dwarf fan?!

I hear this at times "Shes a Red Dwarf fan?!".... Well not just me but my sister too. We challenge each other on the Red Dwarf Offical website on the Seires Quiz things and at the moment I am in the lead. One time I painted my sisters nails RED DWARF <3 . We had loads of people talking to us about how cool our nails looked. We even met some Red Dwarf fans on a mode of transport.

I hope to go to the RED DWARF DIMENSION JUMP convention and meet the cast.
But I can only dream....


Me...little 6ft me?

Well well... Its December and its getting colder by the mintue! Its time of year when I want to just wear my duvet cover! By the end of the year I am going to put more pictures of what I did! Infact here's one now!
Oh my flipping budgies eating fudge! That is not the most attractive picture of myself! I am sure there is a better one! Hang on... That looks better! It was a little comedy picture. All those hats have featured in a performance! And most of the time I get to keep something from a past production! See you soon x