Happy New Year!

New Year, so close!

New Year of a New Life!

Novels & constant fallen head in over heels... again!

Merry Christmas

Charlie Peace - Review by Lucy Wakefield

Richard III - Review By Lucy Wakefield

Light the skys! - Part Two of Night Photography

' *+.+* ' *+. Night Photography .+* ' *+.+* '

The Boy Next Door

Kanji's & Traditional Japanese Art

Pixel Art

Nero Caffe - A bitter taste of customer service

Social Network Challenge: Day 1 - No Desires

Social Network challenge


Christmas spirt is leaping in!

Swing sweet childhood


Facts - Sk8re Girl

Let's Light the Skys!

Things I thought I would never do!

Adventful year ahead!


The Boy Next Door - Lucy Fenwick

Let's Help Indepentant Artists!

Addictions to the Social Medias

Meadowhall with a slight chance of long queues....

Long weeks & pure madness!

Organising & Respones

Sisterly Love

Just Believe in Faith

GCSE Equiverlents & Courses

Karma just slapped me..

Goodbye dear friend!

When Phones were 'Bricks'

Script Reading

No Half Term for you, my young girl...

its.....RANT TIME!

Over The Moon!

Watercolour & Sketches

Support together!

a true emo in disguise

Hurry up weekend

Madness, Homework & Lazyness

Birthday Pictures

Question for fellow bakers!

Matlock & a soggy bottom

Day Out to good ol' Skeggy!

'Back to School' - My Life this Week

Kawaii Doodle's

Horse Riding

The Human Ants in Suits

1 Week to go


Acting in Pictures

4 Train Thursday

The Girl Who Travel's

"I Can't See it?!" - Visualising Problems

Welcome back Nerdy!

Education - The Motorway Vs The Long Route

A Wonderful Saturday!