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You make me feel like I am living in Heaven!

You know that feeling when you have done good? or when you hear laughter. I get such a buzz when I have done a show. When I was performing last winter it was brilliant.  When I sang I had the most biggest buzz of my life. I want to perform but another part of me wants to own a vintage cafe! WHAT THE HELL! I think I will carrying on performing since I have done it for some time and then when I retire maybe own a small cafe in Derbyshire. Since it's an incredable place! Such beauty!

Oh yeah and I am writting a story. Its been in my mind for some time now and I want to write at least a good 5 chapters. I will post a chapter on a new page.

watch out! x

London - My Ben you have grown..

I must say sorry about how crazy the last post was! I found this rather nice picture of London's Big Ben and relised it should be posted! x

Level 5 - Sci Fi FOREVER!!





Lucy x

Level 4 - SNOW!

So much lovely snow. Hope everyones enjoying it :)
this is a quick post because I going to a group in a moment!

So yesterday I went to NGY to fetch my Silver Arts Award certifcate because I PASSED! I am very happy indeed :D

I have to go see you in a bit :)

Please check out this fantastic site by an incredable talented 11year old :)

PS22 Chorus "Clouds" by Zach Sobiech

A fantastic song and amazingly sung by these children. read more by scrolling down.

"Clouds" was written by a truly inspiring young man named Zach Sobiech. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an often deadly bone cancer that affects many kids, and was recently given a prognosis of only months to live. Only 17 years old, Zach was able to transform his pain into inspiration by writing this beautiful song. I shared it with the chorus as well as his story, and the kids really wanted to do this for him. Thanks to Taliah for making this dedication extra special with her beautiful soloing, and to one of our former chorus members, Matthew from the 2006 group, for bringing my attention to the song. And of course biggest thanks go to Zach for showing us all that there is always courage, hope, and beauty to be found, even within the depths of despair.

Reading are we?...

Indeed-y I am trying to beat my sister. She read 26 books last year and I plan to beat! Not that I competive... I just get a little over myself at times.

So I am reading 'Miranda Hart: Is it Just Me?'. I am doing pretty well and I  have reached my first chapter last night but not relising the time when I was giggling very loudly.. It was 1:30am and I did my so called snorting-in-the-early-hours-of-the-morning-and-OH-MY-GOD-I-LAUGH-LIKE-A-PIG!  My laugh devolops into a normal teen laugh, then into a dirty cackle and finaly ending with the most weirdest snort you could hear... I dread to be recorded of myself laughing and placed on YouTube... *Awkward face*.

So I am thinking of maybe placing photos of how my day was.. beggining with tomorrow.

Adios x

Level 3 - What Am I doing?

Throughout growing as a teen I am trying to get to grip about my life! Schools always ask there Sixth Form students what career to choose well I am stick to my guns!

1. Acting - Many actor and actresses have become famous and use there attenion (shall I call it) for good. I think you can make fantastic things by helping others.

2. Set up a bussiness for my Crafts - I am really good with finance and I am great crafter. I love to sell.

3. Become Dogs Trust Volenteer (of some sort) - I have loved dogs and I am a great believer in charity. I have sponsered a dogs with them for years! Since I was around 9 I think. Dog trust do a great job and I reccently have found out my latest sponser dog is near me!

Or 4. I wait for a sign to work at Poundlands....


Level 2 - "You didn't think ahead!"

After looking outside Snow is chucking it down. Its so amazing from how much. Oscar the family dog has alot of trouble because tons gets on his fur which is a nightmare to get off!

Cleo would have adored this weather. Cleo was inherited from my aunt. She was like the lion of the family, she took pride!

Well if you excuse me for my extremly pathetic post, I am off to act like a 3yr old in snow! Yipee!
look out for tonight as I am tempted to place photos :D

see you later x

Wake me up when September ends

A dear friend of my with a talented voice! Do listen!

I passed!

After loads of work and couple of tears it has only gone and paid off! I have a Level 2 Qualifaction in Art! My friends don't know yet and I am going to do an anccoument on Monday at my drama group. I am thinking of taking cakes or something...

"Don't Need Pants for my fantastic victory dance!". I got the email just last night, at around 22:30. And of course my mum went mad.

I Remember on my 16th Birthday I was worrying in Hornsea if I was going to be alright at the moderation. Of course everything was fine. :) Its not like your going for an injection or something... "O.o <- thats my freaking out face.

Thankyou to my fantastic advisor! I am very pleased to be one of your first silvers!


Level 1 - Return to life!

Well Game is up! I call it Return to Life because its only the beginning of the year and after a long rest from the performance in December 2012, I am returning to my life. Today is a new term at Drama and this term we are getting ready for the spring performance. 'Theatre of the Impossible' its where all the students create a script and we direct them.

I have created 2 plays and had them performed with this company. Honestly its fantasic and I have more friends at this company! I am one of the first ever members. The first performance we did was 'A Christmas Carol' and I played Jacob Marly. I have more male parts then female. But I have quite a deep voice.

My first script I wrote was called 'St. Micheals Curse'. I was only 13years old.

I do 3 performances a year now and I am really glad. I like the summer performances because we do around 2 shows in that term.


Pegdolls in wonderland..

These are two pegdolls I made quite some time ago.. The one on the right is Mellisa and the one on the left is Alexa I have tons of pegdolls. Each pegdoll represents a friend. <3 x

Spring is only around the cornor!

My first close up of a flower.. I remember sending it to a pen-pal in another country. Most of my pen-pals, we used to exchange postcards. So whenever I feel like I need to be somewhere else, I look at my pretty postcards. x

Houston, We have problem.

I wish I could place my photography on here but yet again trouble has struct! Blogger sometimes doesn't allow me to place my photos on even if there is plenty of space! Maybe I should try converting the images from PNG to a JPG. It might make it a little easier.

Ok so we haven't got a problem. YAY! I mean.. er... that is great news....


Illustrating my life...

There it is...a piece of paper by your side of your computer. Theres a pen too! While your checking your email you hand is a free sprit. Your illustrating what your thinking... the paper is no longer blank but a peice of paper of you illustrating your life! I have been doing this for ages and its just amazing what I can be thinking! Try it.

Well thats my post for #FreakinFriday so bye... Whoever you are out there!


Oh my giddy aunt....

This is just a quick post.

After looking at my blog I see I have reached 1024! Thank you, you amazing people!

I am going to annouce some reviews soon.


Future....Career....Slightly turning away.

Don't get me wrong but I really want to go into the the world of Media. But after looking at what you need to do. It seems so expensive!!

After reading I never relised that Headshots could so expensive either. And how come your CV will be turned away from an agent if you don't send it by speacil dilivery! Am I about to choose a career that may be too well EXPENSIVE?! 

Am I sounding slightly on the dumb side?


Screaming for my first 1000!

Thanks everyone for getting me to 1000. But please do not be shy and comment! Let me know what you think!

When I looked at how many I got, I screamed and ran and got my celebratery choclate!

So now as I look at the date maybe I should try something new.

So I was thinking of doing something different at least once a week.

Comment and suggerest ideas to me through my email. I will give you a mention.

Maybe I should count this blog as a slightly online magazine style! Well see you soon.