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How to test your Meat for 'Horse DNA'

Well how simple could it be by trying these simple steps before tucking into a Horse free lasagne!

Step 1 - Dish Jumping

Take the pencils or pens out of your bag and place them onto the table to form into horse jump and kick your selected meat dish on!

If your dish does not jump in any way, shape or form, you may have to realise this wasn't the best method of testing your dish and people will think your a little bit weird...

Step 2 - The Polo Test

Give your dish a stroke and give it a polo. If the dish is resistanctant to the polo see if a sugar cube will be its favourite.

I can easily say is your dish may not take this rather nice polo or sugar cube you may still not be safe to tuck into you dish!

Watch this space for more tips for how to make sure your dish is Horse free.
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Sweet self huddled to the bear of Sweet dreams,

Here I am, this is only a very quick post because of how late it is but.... I have found out my best friend who has never made me feel so happier is coming back. I cried when my friend left and throught of my friend through out the entirer play of Wizards Rock. I sang my song thinking of my friend. I was on GMAIL Talk and a message said coming back tomorrow (Tuesday). I squealed with excitment, my heart raced! I have been quite down for the past few weeks but the past few weeks have been blooming silly!

I have reliased that I have found a true passion and as Andrew Lee Potts website Keychain Productions says 'If you have a passion, follow it'. Mine was staring me in the face all this time.

I am going to write stories for children using my art. Bit like picture book but I shall stay as an actor and run a cafe when I retire.

Lulu x

We are on Instagram!

I am pleased to annouce Thats a Teens Life is on Instagram. @alicesbows

"I Love It!"

Andrew Lee-Potts gets some tips from Don Alder. I wish I could play like that.

I am trying to play my gitaur but just as my skills get better the strings came off and became way out of tune. I have only played the gitaur at one show 'The Old Masters'. The show was writting your own script and directing it. I have written nearly 4 scripts.

St.Micheal Curse - Written when I was 13.
Sherlock and Ruby Necklace - Written when I was 14.
Why Cats need thumbs - Written with friends aged 15.
And under constuction - Title unknown about Emily Wilding Davison and horse innciddent - Written aged 16 with friend.


"You Haven't Knitted All That Have You?"

"No No No!" I replied, I took a sigh hold my head in my right hand with my knitting needles in my left " Not if I was some super granny with a cape with to knitting needles and a ball of wool in form of skull style. Which would be really awsome!" I took a slow steady sigh again. I had been stiching some little rabbits for friends when I was supposed to be focusing on home work. "Nah I have plently of time..." Acting like some super sister scripter.. When I perfectly know I am not super. or even good at scripting. "Oh...Its another boring saturday isn't it?"

Me : So my little chav self how are you this very boring saturday?
Chav Me : Great man you know... just chilling.
Me : Right....

So anyhow I am trying to relax and in a way I kind am enjoying the the weekend but tonight finding out I have home work due in on Monday... Not so great. I am panicking! LIKE MAD!

SO if you don't mind I am off to write like a bullet in a china shop!