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New Instagram Badge

Due to some tech diffcultlys, the instagram badge has been changed and the link has been checked.
So now you can see the same origanial account of 'Thats a Teens Life' through my new username! Ooo check me out the teen techie!

The new 'Thats a Teens Life' was changed to @lucy_haynes .

Do keep checking on instagram as I add daily pictures of art, self, landscape and many other things.


Thank YOU!!

Just a quick thanks! Thank you so much for reading and check my blog you lovely, wonderful people! You make me blog for so many reasons but this blog has had more views than my old website created in 2009! The first website I ever created was created just after I did a performance with A.C.E . It was 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' and I played Quince. For a long time till 2011 I had that as my nickname because I was cheeky. Still am now! HA HA!

Well enough of me... lets hear how you all are and back to me! ;) just kiding... I am not really a Silly-all-about-me-gal.... Hang on did I just type 'Gal'?! I am not a yorkshire no no I am a East Mider Girl. Although I am really fond of the Yorkshire areas. I have visted and stayed in Yorkshire many times.

I'll list'em if you like:


Oh god I could go on forever but I won't because I want to search some Mighty Boosh stuff :) teehee!

Thank you again 1406 vie…