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Earth & Fire - Rufford Abbey

On the 24th June I took a trip to the event of Earth & Fire which was held at Rufford Abbey. I really enjoyed the event because of there were many different pieces of art. I paticully enjoyed Simon Grifiths work. On his stall there was a sculpture of a fox and if you looked very carefully you could see the details. Also I enjoyed Mark Smiths work! His stall had boats with little keys on the end. You also could see coils that had been placed carefully and different colours. I will be looking out for his art in the future and I hope you will too!When I had one more hour I found a stall associated with Hull College. I must have looked older because they said I could take a degree with the college. They also asked what school I went too. Well when I told them I was Home Educated, they were very interested! For more pictures on the event visit my Instagram page @lucy_haynes . Overall on this event it has given me not inspiration but made me want to continue my work with art. You can c…

Decisions... have I really made my mind up?!

Who's to say to make Decisions at an early stage? Especially on your 'Career'...It may be frighting to some but not me. Ok maybe a little scary especially when you can't flipping decide! I have sort of made a my mind just now... I might do something I never throught I would think I would do but then again It could be from this list who knows!

Actor ~ I have always been into acting since I did drama at the age of 6 at 'Helen O Grady'. I do enjoy it immensely!Artist ~ I love art. Apprently I painted the sea and a boat when I was very little and mum could easily tell it was a boat... I also enjoy art so much!
But when your little you don't reliase what things you have to do to be the thing you always wanted to be. Its like sitting at the bottom of an apple tree and looking up. And each stage you get too you progress to a another branch until finally you reach the top. The Tree House with every memory of getting to where you wanted to be. That's…

I'm a Visual Learner.

I have found out I am a visual learner which means 'needs to see it to know it!'. I wanted to look more into it and found out it may be along the lines of dyslexia.

Whenever someone mentions a certain word I can see it in my head. When someone mentions a food product I can not only see it but smell it when it's not in front on me.

Also when I am trying to remember something such as a room in a big building I have to link it in to things. Sometimes I talk to people and if they say a word, the word is automatically highlighted in my head and leads to loads of things.

I love what I am because if I have trouble during work in subject that my mum is talking about e.g. Science. I may hate the subject but when I see a picture I can see the object even feel the object just by looking at a picture.

For those who want to know more about 'Visual Learning' I recommend you visit these links ~

Visual Learning ~…

The Graceful Brushstokes adds to art by watercolour

So internet decided to be a bogger and not let me finish an article on the Education System. I would appricate your views!

But whilst I was waiting for BT to return to normal. I decided to paint with my watercolours. a picture will be attached later.

The picture is of a ladybird. It's also a postcard. Handpainted postcards will be available by the end of the week!

Today I am going to Rufford. Pictures will be posted on Instagram so stay tuned on @lucy_haynes !

Its the first day of summer. Summer Solstice is the shortest day of the year. But looking at the rather unattractive weather...just is off putting!

Well stay tuned for pictures!


A fresh look for summer

So after hearing about new BlogSpot viewers. I had to re-fresh this blog.
If your not on Instagram. Here is a quick view ^.^

So I hope you like the new and fresh look of 'That's A Teens Life', I certainly do!

We are on Tumblr!

So That's a Teens Life has been a fantastic blog and I don't plan to stop blogging. Oh no! But That's a Teens Life is now on Tumblr!

We have two fantastic sites you can visit:

Just Filled With Art - My creations and art can now be shared. You can easily repost (please credit!) to tell your friends that not only are they to see but are up for sale. You also have a chance to see my art through Instagram on @lucy_haynes .

Just a Fan Girl - My love for so many things can be also be seen. Mostly I am a fangirl of Horrible Histories, The Mighty Boosh, Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy and many more.

So if you would have the chance just to check it out, I would be really pleased. x

By-the-way guys.... I checked the stats this morning. How the heck do I go up 35 views?! The complete views on this blog is 1840 something! WHAT THE HECK! You won't believe the girly giggles I did when I saw it! Thanks guys, love you lot! x

Moving On - Virgin Media Shorts

Moving On - Virgin Media Shorts

Calling all home educated teens and practically everyone!! A really talented 10year old has entered the Virgin Media Shorts. It's called 'Moving On' a very dramatic piece and I am truly impressed of what she's made! I see a future director in the making!

So guys this is where you come in.
Please watch it and like it! You won't be disappointed! I certainly wasn't! So please watch it, she so deserves to win the Virgin Media Shorts!

Comment on this post and I'll pass on the feedback :)

Thanks for reading x

The Show by Lenka

oh flibber-jibber-wock! This song was non stop in my head whilst I went to a collage open day! I hope to go to collage :) fingers crossed!



Well since you all know that I am starting my business. Today, I am about to tell you the name of my new business... You ready? Its called....

~....Bubble-gum Creations....~.

So what do you think? I am really fond of the name but I need your guys help. This poor name hasn't got a proper logo so that's where you guys come in. I need opinions from you lot. Should I hold a competition for the new logo? Comment or email.

Look forward to what you have to say. By-the-way should mention Bubble-gum Creations is basically homemade everyday items and jewerely. Really mostly fimo creations :)


Summer Lovin....

Well hello almost summer! I saw the weather today and realised I should....stay indoors and make polymorph clay chibi's and charms.

I woke up to realise I hadn't charged my phone the night before. I was going to charge it but I needed charging first! I must have kipped it at half past midnight!

I have ended up charging that phone twice today! Only used it to check my Instagram *coughs* and some nice pictures of the Horrible Histories cast and Mighty Boosh cast...*coughs*.

So in the first part of the afternoon, I made some Haribo strawberry charms using some fimo. I spent about an hour dealing with wire work. I used to do bead work when I was 10 or 11yrs old. I used to create my own bracelets and necklaces than at the age of 12, I began to get into sewing. I used to create little pockets or wallets to keep my library cards safe. I remember making one with pink stripes with blue stitching. You can almost envision the look of it!

Also this afternoon I created cookie charms and…