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Kawaii Doodle's

Doodles of kawaii girls :)

Horse Riding

Thought I would introduce a new girly. Her name is Domino. Here are some action shots, enjoy!
Kick on and straight into trot  Preparing for canter Finish with a quick ride around the school before a 10mintue hack out of the school

The Human Ants in Suits

On Thursday I took two trains back from Matlock. The train ride Matlock to Nottingham is a very nice ride because we spend 30mintues looking around the countryside. It's rather amazing but when you arrive into the first city, Derby. All you see are people rushing around! I like to think them as Human ants in suits.

The train buzzed a looking far accoss staring at me was a BBC Radio presenter for Derby :) Sadly didn't get to chat but had stare contest! We arrived into Nottingham at five. I went to find the platform and sat down on a blue lonely bench. A man walked past stopped and looked around, I reliased he was blind and stood up quickly and offered my seat to him. Soon quickly after it was taken by a fat lazy and completey rude woman. I was talking to a friend for 20mintues and the train quickly came in. I had to run all the way down two platforms in order to get my family a seat. I was sat opposite some acholics being rather rude and possibly very, very drunk indeed!

 I sat…

1 Week to go

One Week till my birthday today :) very excited and looking forward to be 17 ;)

So new news guys!

1. A singing audition came up for a production at Lace Market Theatre in Nottingham and I really want to go for it :) But problem is it's in less than a week.. day before my birthday actually. Not much time to prepare so I am having to back away from this one *sighs*

2. This blog hit 2.6k :) God you guys are amazing!

Now a quick question. Would guys like me too start video blogging on YouTube? 
Leave your answers or opinions below :)

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Oh god... I am literally fangirling over Casualty. Not in a way where you look at your favourite male character and start to drool followed by a loud noise of "Phwoarrrr". No in my case I look at a character and non stop looking online for updates.

My favourite characters on Casualty at the moment are: Jeff & Dixie (the two paramedics) and Sam & Tom (two doctors who are literally an adorable couple :3 )

Seriously sorry it's a short post but internet is being a pain in the backside and I am really tired because the pain in my side is starting to get to me and really starting to tire me out. I thought I was going to collapse today. I would rather pass out and go to A&E then go to the GP!

Going to have an early night because I am not feeling so great. x

Acting in Pictures

Ladies and Gentleman! I am releasing my acting pictures. Credit to those who took them! I am releasing not only the pictures but giving you the link to a review I was featured in last year!

The following photos were taken at Newark Castle on the 21st July 2012 from the play 'Taming of the Shrew'. I played Babtista Minola for two nights. I really enjoyed performing with cast in the summer. I miss my amazing hand sewn coat & hat.

More photo's will be released soon!  Meanwhile here is the link to the review for Taming of the Shrew  & the article about Julius Ceasar.

Lucy Wakefield as Babtist Minola - Act 2 Lucy Wakefield as Babtista Minola - Act 3

4 Train Thursday

So it's Thursday again so I had to catch two trains to Derbyshire & two trains back. But I guess I should tell you from the beginning what I did for a few hours.

We walked out of the train station and made my way to the crossing for the long bridge. After deciding where to eat, we sat and ate. We took my sister to her class and made my way to a vintage art & craft shop. As we started walking up the road, it started to get hiller & far more hiller. My chest felt tight and side hurt. We stopped and turned round to look at the amazing scenery. We turned again and saw how far to walk and took another hike up the freaking great big hill. We arrived at the shop and took a look around. We went to sit down for some drink. I had a coffee in a delightful fine bone china mug with a pheasant in a gold colour on the side. At the bottom of the cup looked like a carefully handpainted rose. My mum & grandparent had a cup of tea. What made this afternoon even more nice was sketchin…

The Girl Who Travel's

The amount of traveling I do is pretty mad. We don't have a car so I constantly rely on public transport. But to be honest I adore traveling. The train has to my favourite because of the views. It's not that bad. Considering in other countries the transport is pretty mad!

I think the United Kingdom's transport is just lazy... The longest time I have had wait was around 2-3hours.

Might consider walking if it doesn't come after 1 hour!

The longest the amount I of travel I have done on a mode of transport must have been 10hrs on a bus to Newark and on a was a nightmare. I hardly travel there because of transport timing!

Still I must bid you guys adiu due to having to catch transport in a hour. x

"I Can't See it?!" - Visualising Problems

You may remember I broke the news about being a Visual Learner a few months back, well I thought I would answer some questions which have been asked over the weeks. So here goes:

Q: Can you see stuff when your reading?

A: Pretty much, may favourite book I loved visualising was 'The Sweepers Boy'. But if I can't see anything in my head the words will jump off the page and have a light moving them around. Sometimes the words will look like their tumbling out of the page.

Q: Does Visualising hurt?

A: Not really but it can be distressful. Say if I need to visualise something important and its not there I can get really upset.

Q: What's the good thing about being visual?

A: I guess really it has to be when  I am painting or crafting. Plus I can see stuff how it would look before it's made! I find it useful in calm situations.

Q: Can you visual things when you acting?

A: Sometimes. I can visualise characters from scripts very quickly. When I write sometimes I can ofte…

Welcome back Nerdy!

So nerdy is back and more badass with work than ever! I love Maths & English. But I loathe science, don't get me wrong, I enjoy the periodic table but heaven forbid my mind hates the subject.

Tomorrow I plan to do the same amount of work but means I have wake up tomorrow bright and early! Because I am off to Beeston in Nottingham for a workshop. We are making planters! probley save it for my Grandad as a Christmas present.

So latest in the Social Network world:

INSTAGRAM - I recently added a picture of a sketch I did of Hatsune Miku. I was liked by the official creators!

TWITTER - I posted how come next year is going to be speacil because on my 18th I plan to give blood. I think it will be speacil not for just me but for other people too who need it. GiveBloodNHS had noticed the tweet and agree it's a lovely thing to do. I have been flutterly around the house today!

GOOGLE+ - People have been recently loving a post I did on 'That's a Teens Life' about a skirt…

Education - The Motorway Vs The Long Route

Well you may remember a post about my non institutional life and comparing home education to schools. A dear friend forwarded a message about 'School is a Prison - and damaging our kids!'. I thought the article was really interesting and I have decided to share it with you.

Also not long a go I posted about my decision  not to go to college due to also a 'prison feel' & spoon fed education. I was told it wasn't school-y well here we are beginning of the term. Many of my old friends have gone to college and they seemed in a panic state when I told them I haven't taken a exam based GCSE. To be honest, would you like to sit over a table for one hour and half and 'throw up' everything you have learnt for the sake of piece of paper? I would rather do a useful skill based qualification but something that was recognised.

So far from hearing from my friends who have gone to college have said they wish they never went. They came upto and messaged me and sai…

A Wonderful Saturday!

This afternoon in Beeston I ran a stall part of my small business The Stitched Bluebird. I sold a few items but plenty of brooches still left over! I decorated and upcycled vintage fine bone China mugs, made cute bows in various colours, decorated frames & fixed old frames. I also made; earings pierced and clips. I had a tool kit to convert a pair of earings to suit the customer whether for themselves or as presents. When the customer bought a product they were wrapped and then placed in a bag with a business card attached.During the day I had my hand painted with Henna (a natural temporary tattoo lasting for upto a month). A gentleman won a load of prizes from the tomboler and didn't want them and gave them to me! I also spent my day chatting to friends and local people. Facts about Henna:1. It's a colour between red-brown and orange-brown.2. The dye is made from the leaves of an asian shrub or small tree, Lawsonia inermis, of the loosestrife family, having elliptic leave…

Blackberries & a new term...

So the harvest has begun for the fruit. Sadly the apple tree has bought us know apples, however the blackberry bush has been producing loads! We have collected around over 6lbs this week alone. I hope we can make 2lbs extra because I can make my meringue pie! I will add recipes to here soon. Today I am off to drama. Bit nervous - god knows why when I know everyone! I like the building but the stairs freak me out a bit. Its like 'Howls Moving Castle' at times! I wish anybody going back to school a good new term and home eder's a great 'Not Back to School'.

First attempt at Decoden

I have been so tempted to try this and with much research & nagging to give a go, my first Decoden is done! This was an old 'My Little Pony' jewelry box which my sister grew out of. I got the carbon charms from Chesterfield market place on Thursday. The fake whipped cream effect is actually polyfiller (a special tool to do bathroom tiles), I managed to purchase the polyfiller from Tesco for £1.75 ( quite cheap with a very sticky consistency ) but considering I will be do kawaii decoden phone cases, I might go up to better quality.