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Just Believe in Faith

So Faith is by my side. I gave up on Hope years ago but Faith however is there.

So on Monday I went out into the city on my own. Yeah your probably thinking "She's 17 & never been out on her own?!", I am one of those less independent teenagers that aren't super dare-devil! I am the sort where I am like to be sensible & stay organised. So back to the city thing, I went into Nottingham to attend Art Classes :) I have taken up 'Drawing Still Life' & 'Culture from Around The World'. At around 12:30 I walked to find my bus. The first bus was late so I decided to take one of the Three's. Though I had to walk home which wasn't okay because the 'dickhead' cyclist decided to follow me. I started running down a few houses & soon I lost him. If 'dickhead' did try anything I would soon push him into the road! I got home & planned my outfit for the evening. I wore a beautiful light brown dress with black dots, a cute pet…

GCSE Equiverlents & Courses

So most of you will know I decide not to take GCSE's but equiverlents with no exams. I came across these links to good courses! To save you time I have marked the one's with exams & no exams :) Hope they come in use.

I will make sure to update if I find any more good courses :)


UK Distant Learning: English Level 2 - No Exam
Oxford Home Schooling: English IGCSE - Exam
Oxford Home Schooling: English Literature IGCSE - Exam


UK Distant Learning: Basic Maths - No Exam
Oxford Home Schooling: Mathematics IGCSE - Exam


Oxford Home Schooling: Science IGCSE - Exam


Oxford Home Schooling: French IGCSE - Exam
Oxford Home Schooling: Spanish IGCSE - Exam


GCSE Photography - No Exam
Arts Award - No Exam - Bronze, Silver & Gold - You choose your own art form as part of a challenge


UK Distant Learning College
Oxford Home Schooling
Art Coursework  
Interactive Design Institute (IDI)
Love My Course
Creative Choices

Karma just slapped me..


I want to cry. Yesterday I won a family ticket to Robin Hood Pagant & I couldn't use it.

And today I had verbal abuse from a 'dickhead' on a bike! He came full speed down the hill and tried really hard to knock me & my sister over, I thought oh no you don't. What did I do? I shouted at him because it was same bloke from last night who tried the same thing. I pulled my sister in  quickly & shouted "GET ON THE ROAD!" he responded too " Stupid f*cking girl, I have right to cycle" Yeah not on a path & giving verbal abuse to young people. But he did have the right to rinse his dirty mouth with bleach!

My mum said "She's not stupid" "It's alright mum, I will stand in front next time & go with a nice paramedic & Later sue the backside off the cyclist."

But that's not my plan, I am going to shout dickhead everytime he try's it …

Goodbye dear friend!

so I was swinging on the tree swing that I built when I was 10 with my nan. I have had many memories and now its time to watch it swing solo in the wind & rain. I am saying goodbye one last time after one last swing. I am sadly too big for it & plus the rope is unstable to hold me :( And coming of the swing, I caught my skin of my index finger in the rope & ripped a chunk of skin off. So nature is telling me say goodbye & become a 'Lady...Woah Woah Woah, She's a Lady, Talk'in about that she's a lady!' seriously couldn't help myself.

I am having to go to bed at 22:45pm because I have a performance. really excited  & I hope to blog about it.


When Phones were 'Bricks'

So I was rummaging though old boxes and found my second old phone. I went through my messages & apparently it's not my phone, neither am I called Lucy. Apparently it belongs to 'Jackie' a sixty year old women who is from Yorkshire.

I sat on my bed laughing listening to the messages. I mean would a sixty year old women own a bright and I mean bright phone?! I recharged it & deleted everything because it is going to my phone for business.


Script Reading

Well that sort of worked followed by a fab sister row. I am getting better I think at understanding characters.

I am so tired because I couldn't sleep till 3am! It had nothing to do with watching Casualty at 2am! hahaha oh dear it might been.

So I am getting a little nervous about Thursday & I don't know why because its my 20 something play I have ever done. Maybe it's because it's in a university...

I am having fun at my new group just one thing though. I am missing a old friends from my old drama group (RYSC). This time last year we were getting ready for the Christmas show & all the teens would just laugh & mess about in break. I think that's what I miss quite a bit having girly giggles & stuff.

I remember putting on the most high pitched American accent and my friend who was American would cringe from my cheesy accent! Haha good times.

.Quick question to anyone on facebook. Anybody having trouble posting? :L meh probably a glitch...

No Half Term for you, my young girl...

Hope your enjoying your Half Term. Well for me I have a lot of work & practising todo so no half term for me... well not this week anyway ;)

Monday - So Homework, I didn't do any of my homework last week *giggles* Oh well! I will deal with it tonight whilst listening to Birdy & Matt Berry *gazes* *.*

Tuesday - No Arts Award but plan to rehearse for sunday :) And hopefully go shopping.

Wesenday - Nothing again but have serious rehearsing!

Thursday - Performance *EXCITED*

Friday - Rehersing followed by laziness in my room whilst writing pen-pal letters!

Saturday- Serious rehearsing!

Sunday - Audition *EXCITED*

So you see mega busy... Hopefully post more tomorrow x

its.....RANT TIME!

For christs sake, sorry everyone but this is going to be a rant.

I went in search for Hama Beads as I am running out quite quickly after a lot of interest in the jewerlly. (Note - I will try to post some samples tonight).

Well I went to Tesco to search for anything cheaper as Hama Beads can be quite expensive. So I had a look "hmm" I thought "4000 beads, that will last for at least two months" *looks at the price* "£5.50! You have got to be absolutey kidding me! Only two weeks ago it was £3.60.".

So I walked to Home Bargains because I need a contact book for orders & feedback. I looked on the around on the Crafty part, nothing.

"Okay" I thought "Not a problem, I'll try ARGOS." So off I toddled with hope. Walked in, looked on the touch screen and was there Hama Beads? Yeah around 10,000 beads in a massive bucket for £10. "Perfect" I said with glee, then I looked at the small print thang. " 'Home Delievery&#…

Over The Moon!

I am honestly jumping for joy this morning.
I applied to illustrate a talented young Lucy Fenwick's new book. After a couple emails & showing samples of my work on here (See previous post). I am pleased to say I am illustrating her new book. I am over the moon! Its not the first time I have had this chance, its actually my second.

Now for my 'Past Week Thang' :

 On Monday - I did work with mum & created some hama bead or 'pixel art' for my business 'The Stitched Bluebird'. People having been taking an interest in my Jewerly more then my felt~y stuff but that's ok because I am learning about feedback & what people want :)

On Tuesday - I went Arts Award & completed a letter about my photography and too hopefully work with a more experienced artist.

On Wesenday - What can I say 'Utterly Soggy' should narrow down everything xD

On Thursday - I did some work with mum & worked on 'pixel art'

On Friday - Woke up to the mo…

Watercolour & Sketches

So I know I haven't been on for a while. Its been kinda crazy. So I wanted to show you guys the watercolour I do during my spare time. I hope you enjoy x

Rainbow waterfall A Friend
'I look up to you'

Support together!

So yesterday I supported 'RETT Syndrome Awareness Day'. 1in 10,000 girls are affected. They can speak, Walk or move thier arms. You can support by wearing something purple :) I wore my David & Golitha purple shirt & took a selfie. x

a true emo in disguise

Believe it or not mother fluffers but I am actually an emo. I wear floral and girly clothes to hide the fact I am emo and okay I am going to say ready, I am bi.

Right now I am listening to one of my favourite songs 'Welcome to the Black Parade' - MCR (my chemical romance)

So currently I am quite litarally drooling over a bloke for aspiring career.

Now, I am thinking of going to college maybe next year or look into something todo with Performing Arts because I will do anything to get be a better actress plus perform alongside my favourite actors.

I am still bribing someone to let me sing online. I don't think my voice is that bad, I only want to do it to get feedback :)


Hurry up weekend

It's Thursday, oh happy days we're literally two days till the weekend! So recap. On Monday I did some work with mum, Tuesday I didn't do any work (lack of sleep & really paranoid) don't ask about the 'paranoid' bit because literally I was board-a-line mental... although I went to Arts Award. On Wesenday I did a bit of homework to gain a little extra work.

And Today... We are at home, oh holy motherfluff balls! We're at home because mum is sadly caught my nasty cold. I don't even think it's a cold... oh great paranoia is setting again, Ignore whilst I sulk.

So I am going to try & finish my homework. Procrastion likes to strike when I work... I call it squirrel syndrome because whenever mum asks a question I will say something which is not relevant and she'll shout "Squirrel!". Honestly me & my family are weird at times. I sometimes wonder a lot of things...

I bid you goodbye just for now but please expect posts this eveni…

Madness, Homework & Lazyness

With a reather hearty week about to go in pure madness has reached a weekly thing.

On Monday's I am doing work with mum, yesterday I had English, Maths & Science. Luck was on my side because I got 80% in  Science. I normally despise the subject and will hide or reject to do it. But I kind of acted more grown up about. I gave it a try and I seem to getting the hang of science but next year I plan dumping the subject altogether! English also went well *aside* as always. I have to admit I really love Maths & English because they're two subjects I use practically everyday. Maths I use for my business & English, well, I used to do a lot of proof reading for a magazine I worked on. Auto correction has been stuck in my head ever since, which will be a bonus for the English course I plan to be taking in a few months time! Exciting!
On Tuesday's I do work with mum & in the evenings I go to College Street for my arts award. In gold you have to choose two artforms. I…

Birthday Pictures

The long awaited birthday pictures :) enjoy x

Question for fellow bakers!

So after getting back into my love for baking. I have baking since I was 7. I remember baking my first Victoria Sponge and loving every second! Recently I have gone a little bit different! On Wenesday, part of my free time 'Self-teach' or 'Life Skills' to those who are slightly indepentant! I baked some Lemon & Poppyseed Muffins. Now my question is would you like me to start posting recipes? Now I can do it as normal posts or a seperate blog. Let me know down in the comments!

Matlock & a soggy bottom

Today I went to Matlock with my beautiful new camera. My new camera is a bridge camera pretty similar to a Nikon. Its actually a Canon Bridge Camera 30x HD :) I am literally in love.

I dropped my sister off at her drama group. Me, my mum and my nanny decided to take a trip the nature reserve. After looking for it we started to wonder & came across a little park with two bridges and long stream. We walked around and everything became wider. We realised that we were in the woods and mum decided to test me on my science. You know the Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic... No? To put it more better way 'The Rock Cycle'. So she tested me & I seem to getting the hang of it. We walked further up the path and suddenly cliffs with many different coloured started appearing. Underneath the cliffs was a lead mine.

Considering it was starting to rain we walked in search of the war memorial. We went up a decent hill till after ten minute's became a ridiculous climb! But whe…

Day Out to good ol' Skeggy!

For my 17th birthday I went to Skegness. The Journey was long but nice. I am typing whilst with a lovely cold!

I woke up at 7:30am and checked Instagram and Twitter. At 8am I opened one present, my new camera. She is stunning! I had to put my present upstairs and get ready to go out. We walked to catch the Nottingham train. We arrived in Nottingham around 10am ish and had to find the Skegness service on platform 2. We left the Nottingham station at 10:20am and arrived in Skegness 12:22pm.

We walked down near the sea front (North Parade) and found the café from our last visit in 2007! Me, My Sister, Mum & Nanny each had fish and chips. The fish was long as the beginning of you wrist to near the beginning of your elbow.

After some lunch we walked down to the beach. Not many people were there so it was nice to walk beside the tides. I took my phone to take photos and a notification came up. It was birthday message from my favourite casualty paramedic Norman Burnton played by the f…

'Back to School' - My Life this Week

So its been 3 weeks since I had to go 'back to school'. Throught I would start telling you what my week is mostly.

Monday - Work with mum (consists of ususal, Maths, English & Science)

Tuesday - Work with mum in the morning & in the evening Arts Award.

Wednesday - Work with mum & Self-teach in the afternoon (consists of improving my sketching, photography or etc)

Thursday - Trip to Matlock & Self-teach in the afternoon.

Friday - Work with Mum & trip to allotments to see friends.

Saturday - Relax

Sunday - Drama with friends