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Let's Help Indepentant Artists!

So this was part of a campaign I think where there starting to encourage young & old to buy independent artist, such as myself who hasn't got much experience but has lots to give.

Would you guys buy any of my paintings or Jewerly? x

Addictions to the Social Medias

So I super for not blogging, I have quite literally changed... After watching a YouTuber, Amazing Phil (my friend had recommended) I decided to check him out at midnight. Yeah, probably not the best time to watch videos since I had to be up following morning bright & early! Well the video was called 'Animal Crossing Has Ruined My Life' - you'll get my point soon!
I joined Facebook to increase views on my artwork and I literally become addicted to the blooming site. Not like spending one hour on it, oh no, more like download the app & checking it each morning & night. And using it on the computer too :/ urgh. I like the app because I can see old friends & keep touch. But its taking over my life as blogger which is terrible because so far this blog has gone round several countries around the world!

So I am considering to deleting the Facebook on my phone & checking it for half an hour at the most on my computer.

So my new things of being a fangirl of i…

Meadowhall with a slight chance of long queues....

Today I went to Meadowhall & finally spent some of my birthday money! I bought some earrings to completey destruct ( for my business) & some clothes. The clothes I bought were in reductions, a black with white ghost jumper, a mini short sleeved top with my little ponies (completely kawaii) & I also bought a really quite Green Peace top with different words to positive about the world. x

Long weeks & pure madness!

So, after getting emails for leaving you guys on the edge of when I am going blog post again, fear not, I am still here but really busy! I am constantly now finding it hard to organise when to blog. I am planning when I will post & hopefully with permission (yeah, don't laugh!) become a youtuber like Emma Blackery & Cherry Wallis (Massive girl crush on them!).

So just wanted to say I am still online & trying to blog! Prepare my prettys for rants, thoughts & my life!


Organising & Respones

So everyone, I am so sorry for not posting over the few weeks. I have been having a well needed holiday! I have been so stressed from this year & its been crap (not relieving). So I am going to try & post everyday but only if I can.

To the person who contacted me, I appreciate your feedback & I am taking it into action. x

Sisterly Love

My sister bought a bargain bag from Avon & she got a pair of really stunning (pierced) earrings, She loved them but she was upset they couldn't be worn. So I said I would see what I could do :) I took the pair by curling the piercing & getting rid of unnecessary sharp edges. Within 1hr I had made a necklace & a matching phone charm :)