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Keeping It Quirky!

Waking up early on a Saturday is mostly dreading, but for the past few months, I've been waking up at 7am to take weekly trips to Matlock. I had a wonderful idea for a new project, I've been banging on how I want to re-do my room so there's nothing distracting, and making it feel a little grown up but still my style. I went into Matlock and bought a vintage lampshade (which can be extended too to suit any lamp). I designed it to be simple (carefully arranged so it couldn't hit the bulb)and  have colour but still a sophisticated look. 
The frame cost me £2, I had to rip the material of it, repair the wire and I even had to fill the bath tub with hot water to get rid of any germs. Yes, it was really that grubby! After two hours soaking, I began threading pom-poms. This only took 1hour, and it was a nice and easy diy. I was proud of myself creating something so quirky yet grown up for my room!                                                              


Preparing for an exciting future!

Well in the past week, I received a letter back from the chosen college to study Art & Design, I have been given an interview for the college (I'm afraid I won't be telling you where I plan to study, sorry!).
I am completely excited because I have been home educated all my life & if I get on to the chosen course, I'll be going into the education system. And do you know what? I feel ready to enter to study something I love.
Second great news is...*drum rolls* I passed my second English Assignment. I thought I would fail it, but no, I passed so really over moon about that.
Also I want to say thankyou for getting That's a Teens Life to 5k views last weekend! (4k was reached January 2014!) Your wonderful responses on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Email ( have been terrific! Also you can hashtag #ThatsaTeenslife when you tweet!
Remember, you are what makes this blog so super!

Should Artists Use Social Media? - Follow up for my Gold Arts Award Debate

Should Artists use Social Media?
Many creative people including artists, musicians, film-makers and photographers are using social media every day to share, promote, network and advertise their talents. We’ve all heard of artists who started out on a social media site and became famous e.g. Lily Allen used to post on MySpace; Dan Howell and Phil Lester are YouTubers who now present a show on Radio 1.
For my debate, I decided to research the pros and cons of artists using social media sites for different purposes.
During my research, I used:
Online blogs such as Fine Art Tips with Lori McNee an artist and business woman who gives online advice to other artists. Her advice includes how to use social media to the best advantage by linking it to other sites. She points out how linking her website to Twitter and Facebook has increased her ‘online traffic.’ I also used another blog called which listed many social media sites and was very informative regarding the pros and cons of s…

"Ooo it's just so exciting!"

So guys, after a hecktic beginner of a year, I am still typing up about my adventures... is it still okay for a teenager to 'adventures'... Stuff it I like Adventure Time so it's 'Cool'.

I thought I'd give you a quick incite into what's coming up:

Two Days at my first festival - NTConnections at the Royal & Derngate | Northampton

Follow your dreams & you'll get there ;)

Mmm... Brownies (recipe)

Follow up from my Debate - Gold Arts Award

So you have loads of wonderful things to look forward too! Just that these posts are still taking ages! But I guarantee you they'll be up round Easter!


Living a Teens Life Online

I've noticed I've been pretty much been living my life online. I don't know if this is part of being a teenager phase. I mean I don't spend every bloody waking minute online, but I have noticed I am adding like an extra hour without realising so!

But hey, who doesn't want to live pretty much everyday on Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and constantly fangirling over fictional characters & anime people that do not exist.

I do have a life offline which consists mainly of baking, procrastinating, chocolate, pen-paling, listening to music, singing extremely badly (And realising it wasn't the greatest song to sing out loud now was it, LUCY?! You pure and utter numpty!) and of course Art.

And I do have a social life outside involving putting headphones on & day dreaming. I do actually socialise... but most of the time I just want to sketch.

But I do think my life consists of more offline... or online...stuff it, I'll say my cons…

I'd never leave you...

Hello strangers! I'm sure wondering where the heck I was, well I'm fine. Thank you so much for not abandoning this faithful blog!

Bet you want to know the reason why I haven't had time to blog? Well, I have just finished performances for Angels & waiting to find out if we go to NTConnections. I played ensemble during most shows & Gabby in two performances. It was a great experience (blog post to come about my two days in Northampton for NTConnections festival) and it's given me a great bigger incite to life in theatre. I probably would do it again but I would hope I'd get to play a main part for longer.

And also guys *drum rolls & gets Louis Armstrong to blow his trumpet*

Me: "Nice one man, adds the extra Jazz!"
Louis Armstrong: "No problem." *walks away playing his trumpet into the sunset*

As I was saying I am getting ready to apply for college! I know all very exciting. I went to an open day in December, applied for a taster day,…