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Another Teenage Craze

Loom Bands, oh boy where do I start on this craze?

There addictive! - I was up till 11pm last night creating upto 8 Rainbow Loom bands in a couple of hours. I have only just ran out of 300 bands and I am mighty tempted to run into town to get some more! Never Growing Up - I probably should think about growing up but today is not going to be one of those days! I'm wearing a Unicorn - The vibrant colours are beautiful and I've only found out you can get glow in the dark bands too! Oh dear the temptation to run into town is getting high!  Also I have spotted the Loom Bands are super similar to 90's and early 2000 craze 'Scoobies' where you could create key rings and bracelets (but they were far more complicated!) 
I am totally in love with the idea of using rubber bands to create something so unique! Have you made a start of this new craze? Love to hear, if so, comment below! (Ooo I'm a poet and I don't even know it! Hehe!)

Modelling For The Day

As a kind older sister that I am, I volunteered my face to be a model for my sisters Leadership part of the Gold Arts Award. I am seriously impressed by my sister because she demonstrated great skills! I really had a lot of fun being a model for today & I can't wait to do all over again next week! 

Sketching A Throwback

Well today I thought I would quickly say Thank You so much for getting That's A Teens Life to 5.8K! You have no idea how much that means to me! At this rate I might have 10K by my 18th birthday (It's on my bucket list).

So today I am distracting myself with sketches because I'm not totally fond with Fathers Day. So to bring a smile, here's a little throwback to some old sketches I did when I was younger.

Looking forward to hopefully blogging later! And thank you again for your terrific support over 2 years! x

The Ongoing Creative Flair!

The creative flair has been going on for now 48hrs and doesn't seem to want to stop! So all afternoon, I decided to do a 1950s inspired piece. Being a visual learner is great because in my mind I can already see how a piece will unfold. I thought I would share some photo's of the development of today's piece! I hope you enjoy :)

I really do encourage Art because it has helped me through a lot - Stress, Anger & those other little moments in life! Art isn't just painting - it's artforms ranges in many things such as:Performing ArtsPhotographySketching MediaJewellery MakingPotteryFashionCeramics You see, Art is one of those amazing subjects that split into many amazing paths! 

Sketching In The Evenings

So with hot evenings & unable to sleep, I thought I'd get my sketchbook out. Of course knowing me in would probably have to be a 'Day Of The Dead' inspired sketch. But as I got halfway through the sketch, I found a mirror and of course I had to experiment! This Sketch actually took roughly 3 months to complete on & off. 

What To Do With 'The Suns' Free Paper...

The Sun's free paper came through the letter box, I didn't really like the newspaper with pure honesty because of Page 1, 2, 3 ect girls in it. I picked it up, I noticed tweets about about the paper and how people weren't too happy. Everyone seemed to be suggesting to send it back, but I had a different idea. I checked out 1950's Pop Art because I thought of a project that would be both educational & procrastinating!

I grabbed the paper and tore it up into tiny pieces. I got out one of my big canvas and got straight into the painting mood! (The following pictures have been watermarked!)

And the following painting looks a little like this ....

 So you see, free newspapers do have their uses ;)

Pottery Group - Coil Pots

Well I'm sorry for not posting in such a few days but I've finally found my creative flair again! Hurrah! I went to the Pottery Group (Home Education Group) to continue my ever so small coil pot. Over 2weeks I put much thought into how it could be shaped and thought perhaps a vase would be nice! I'd never attempted to make a vase, so I got straight into it! (see below for photos)

Blogger's Block

We've all hit it, I'm sure! And I'm so sorry for not blogging for the past few days. I'm just currently getting up to speed with work (English, Maths & the ever confusing stage of Gold Arts Award). So in the creativity department 'there ain't much going on' if you get my drift.

Sunday I spent the afternoon at Wollaton with some old pals (it was like a Home Ed Reunion but only most of the kids were 12 ish and I'm nearly 18). We played rounders which was great only I was the batter and kept missing the ball and running on strike 3 but still completing home runs (How I ran the grounds over 10 times and didn't injure myself or anyone around me, I'll never know!)

But today, this very Monday I've been ill, in bed. Oh the joys of being unable to get up without feeling like your going to throw up or pass out. I'm sure I'll be fine, but for now however I'll think of some fantastic things to blog about!

To-do-lu, Lucy x

Robin Hood in a Skirt

Today was a rather speacil day for the family because it was on my grandparents birthdays. I spent Sunday creating a Birthday Cake (which ended up looking like a wedding cake - how I managed that, I do not know!)

So we mainly spent the day at Nottingham Castle which was lovely. We even had a Tea (I had coffee actually) and scones! It was lovely overlooking Nottingham City! We even practically had the grounds to ourselves, It was so peaceful...

  And of course I couldn't help myself but take photos as per usal, so enjoy! Hope you all had a wonderful week and hoping to blog soon even more over the coming weeks. 
Also question for you lovely lot, What would you like to see more on That's a Teens Life? :) x