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Exhibition By Future Artists

Did you attend the Gold Arts Award Exhibition this evening at the Studio Theatre, College Street? Did I just hear a no! Dear me, you missed quite a bit! You missed the chance to view future artists work, try on my art challenge jewellery (including a cake on a plate ring!), viewing theatrical make-up and watching a little slideshow. 
It was lovely to see so many people at the exhibition and it was lovely to talk to them about the progress during our work, how everything was created and if we were going further into this field as a career.
 And whilst the exhibition drew to a close Myself & Izzie took a little photography opportunity. We each took in turns to stand near the lit projector and take photos. (scroll for photos)

It was a wonderful evening and so lovely to meet so many people. Thank You to those who attended, it was great talking to you all & we hope you had a lovely summer evening!

Gold Arts Award Exhibiton

Exciting News & an end of a little era...

Well today was my very last Home Education visit, it feels bizarre to be honest. I've had visits for 9years - possibly 10! Home Education visit are fairly simple, think of it as Ofsted inspection.
Since I'm going to college in September to study Art (to hopefully become a Set Designer) it means I'm being signed of from Home Education this year.

I can now officailly have my Summer which is fantastic! However I really don't like this excessive hot weather...

I am without a doubt looking forward to next month because I have some amazing upcoming suprises for you guys, would you like to have a little sneaky-peaky? Of course you would!

That's A Teens Life are going to look into more editors for this blog! I'm getting some epic products from businesses to review!An exciting adventure!  Weekly Charity Shop Hauls - showing you guys the great stuff you can find.Day in the Life of... My Kinda Style!And tips and tricks in a range of fab things! AND OH SO MUCH MORE! Ooo you…

Handmade Update - #1

Thought I'd quickly show you guys what I've made over the weekend in my spare time.  I am planning to create a YouTube account to try and develop #ThatsATeensLife!

The Wardrobe - Review By Lucy Wakefield

Written by Sam Holcroft –Writer-In-Residence at the National Theatre Studio Directed by Nikki Disney. I saw this play at Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham (8th March 2014) as part of the National Theatre Connections 2014 programme in which I also participated but in a different play (Angels by Pauline McLynn).
The play focusses on an antique wardrobe that has given a safe hiding place to small groups of children over five hundred years. The wardrobe now stands in a museum and each night when it closes, its stories are secretly told in a series of flashbacks which include tales of the monarchy, the plague, Victorian times, the outbreak of World War I and through to modern times and the birth of social media. The artforms involved in this production were drama, comedy, tragedy, authentic historical music (e.g. during the Tudor scenes) and sound effects such as during battle scenes.
Cast members were used cleverly so that main and ensemble roles were equally shared. For instance, cast membe…

Pottery Class - Painting & Getting Darn Right Messy!

Sorry everyone for not posting recently, you won't believe how wonderfully hectic it's been over the past few weeks.

I've recently been to see how my pottery stuff has come out and I'm glad to say (also relieved to say!) they haven't blown up!

~Before Painting~ 

~After Painting Them~