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Creative Cat Lady | Autumn 2016

As I'm sat finally chillaxing in a respectable in a pair of cat covered socks - not literally covered in cat's bodies or the hair which always seems to finds itself in the strangest of places - your tea, your black coat or that really nice chocolate cake you were just about to tuck into, I'm not THAT yet of crazy cat lady (secretly I really, really wish I was).

Today I finally enrolled, literally I walked out the doors thinking finally amended my sixteen year old regrets of not trying for performing arts training and today I am finally *squeals far too excitedly*, I am a Musical Theatre student and going to be training for the next two years.

Although I had enough tariff points to try for Art School, I decided against it. Art is one of my passions but studying it nearly killed my inspiration & love for it. A Distinction in Fine Art will do, but it's something I can fall back on, my little safety net. The face of people as I say "Oh I've finished Fine Art…

September You Sweetheart | Autumn 2016

IT'S SEPTEMBER! It's the time where you see a single leaf fall to the ground, hum the 'this is Halloween tune' and commence the drastic stationary shop around - in the space of four days; I've done the drastic shop for the stationary for new year of college, had one photoshoot, finished filming as a support artist, shopped for my dance wear for next term which included my first proper pair of ballet shoes (soft) and today I took part in a workshop with Lucy Suggate, Dance Artist for Dance4.

However... However? There is but one thing which is making me somewhat not quite so excited, the idea of hitting my twenties. TWENTY. I feel like I've sorrowfully wished those unused teenage years but at the same time I don't want to go back to some of those days, especially not the brace and letter box glasses phase, or the emo face, or the cargo trousers and puffy brown coat phase - Christ.

I suppose the idea of being counted as an adult is fab, and going to Universit…