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Life as a Musical Theatre Student #5 | 💫 Wonderful Casual Chaos 💫

Firstly I need to apologise for the MAHOOSIVE gap in my post's, I've been super duper busy - so hopefully you'll enjoy this post as I explain my adventures these couple of months, are you ready?

💙 J A N U A R Y 💙

January was particularly a wonderful month; we returned to Musical Theatre training (we crawled out of Jazz on our hands and knees - it never gets any easier)

On the first day back we were handed out our Dance results: formal assessment for Jazz, informal assessment for ballet and tap (formal means it was real exam and informal means it was a mock). I felt like I was 8 years old again being handed my IDTA's. I quit dancing when I was quite young when I was being bullied for being Home Educated. "I daren't look at it - I've most likely failed it!", counted to three and turned the paper over. Jazz - Pass, Ballet - Pass, Tap - Pass. I could have cried, I was honestly just so happy! I think I was more fearing over Tap in all honesty, I often feel…